Garden Update (My Best Year Thus Far)

by - 9/17/2014 07:32:00 AM

I had simply an amazing year gardening (my best year thus far ) and we’re still going strong!!

Big Boy Tomato Plant 

What I planted:

Big Boy Tomato’s (2)
Green Pepper (2)
Scotch Bonnet (2)
Cherry Tomatoes (2)
Hot Cherry Pepper (Purchased by accident) (1)
Lettuce (this was not successful) (2)

Cherry Tomato 

Green Peppers 

Scotch Bonnet 

Cherry Hot Peppers 

Green Peppers & Cherry Tomatoes 

Next year I would love to add on more veggies. I plan on only planting one cherry tomato plant, and adding another larger tomato plant in its place. I would also like to assist my friends and family with starting their gardens. I may also try starting with the seeds as well instead of purchasing the plants.

Do you have a veggie garden? I would love to see your post!!

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  1. Omgosh this is so cool! I live vicariously through people with gardens! I am sure you are saving money by growing your own. Your crop looks delicious
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles


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