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by - 9/06/2014 08:21:00 AM

Happy Saturday everyone!! 

So Pinterest has my mind going. Yesterday while over my sisters house I noticed these cute dinning room chairs. At first I suggested that my sister give them to a family member. Of course the light bulb went off. "I want them for myself, I could put them in my living room. They match my decor. " Blurting this out to my sister. I confessed to her that I have a love for chairs sigh. However, these chairs do match the decor in my living room, lol

I'm not sure how the chairs went from my living, room to my kitchen...I remember seeing this super cute DIY Kitchen ideas on another blog. ( I will reveal the idea once I have started purchasing the items needed) of course I started going on Pinterest for more ideas. Within 24 hours I have a design plan. 

Ok, so now we get to this table. Hint, hint... 

I've come to the conclusion that I am so over the table that is in my kitchen. That I have had since my first apartment. (Many, Many years ago.) I want a round table that I can pant over as many times as I want. :)  I plan on going to my local thrift stores to see if they have something similar. ( the item above is from Craigslist and the seller wanted $30.00, this was posted over a month ago so I doubt it's still available. 

Currently: I'm not sure whats on my color palette. I'm trying to avoid painting my kitchen over again. 

Also, I may use wallpaper :) have you seen the selection at Target?

I can't wait until it goes on sell!!

Anywho, I'm rambling :) I will keep you ladies posted!!

Any new projects?  

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