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While I was blog hopping the other day. I came across Bibs and Baubles and I loved her blog post on No Pics leaked Here (Go and checkout her blog...

The blog topic really had me thinking… what would people think or learn about you if they peeked in your phone? So I decided to give a glimpse of what you would see.  The pictures below are from the last two weeks. 

My Canon is always with me while at Michael’s games. So usually my cell phone takes the back seat. I try my best to take a picture on my cell phone to capture the moment. I’m happy that I was able to capture a moment with my baby on the football field. 

Of course we have a photo session before entering into my daughter's game, LOL 

So these sneakers were purchased for my son while I was at Blogher’12 at Zara and he never even wore them (side eye) now they can’t fit him, so I gladly took them off of his hands. Out shopping last Saturday.

Yup, we were literally running late to my daughter’s game earlier this week, LOL. I love capturing those simple moments. 

I really struggle with taking pictures while I cook. Plus theirs usually no one to take them for me or maybe I will recruit someone.  I think I may also invest in a remote for my camera which I never considered until Mimi posted something about it one of her blog post. Anywho, the picture below is for me prepping to make homemade has browns. 

What’s up with children taking selfies with their parent’s phone? My oldest does the same thing. However, I’m crowning Michael the king of selfies. Half I the time I don’t even realize that he has my phone (I’m still madly in love with my ipad.)

With all this technology, I worry about sending certain pictures to the Mister... I’ll pass. (Plus my kids are always in my phone.

My phone explains me, I cook/bake, I love family and my businesses. I’m always trying something or learning something new. The only thing I could think of that someone would say, is why I do not post all of the selfies I take. LOL

Anywho, what would someone say about you after peeking in your phone?

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  1. I had to laugh because my youngest daughter takes selfies on my phone, too. I'm not sure why since she has her own cell phone. So, if someone peeked into my phone, that's pretty much what they'd see. Since I use my digital camera, I rarely take pictures on my phone anymore. I guess that's her job... lol.


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