8 Things on My Winter To-Do List

by - 11/30/2021 12:00:00 AM

The first day of winter is December 21st, and it’s fast approaching. I love creating a bucket list for the various seasons to ensure that I’m getting the best out of each month. Below, I’m sharing 8 Things On My Winter To-Do List.

8 Things on My Winter To-Do List

Winter Photoshoot
I would really love a cute snow photo. I always see so many gorgeous snow photos on Instagram, and I honestly don't think that I personally own one. My goal would be to take a photo that looks magical and dreamy.

This is always on my list. I love vacations, and I love exploring new places. I don't have any places on my agenda. However, I'm open to taking any last-minute trips.

I can't wait to make cinnamon rolls. For some reason, I've been craving them lately. Of course, I plan on making a healthier alternative. However, I would love for them to look and taste like the ones I'm mentally envisioning. You know, fluffy, gooey with the frosting just dripping off.

I haven't used my silhouette machine in over a year. I typically use it around the holidays. I'm noticing that I'm struggling with really creating time for myself. I have to do better.

You know the saying “out of sight, out of mind” as a child I didn't enjoy reading. However, after completing my bachelor's and master's degrees. Reading was something that I really grew to love. I remember the days where I would finish a good book in an afternoon. I have to get back in the habit of reading often.

This may sound so simple. However, I would love to enjoy a winter-inspired drink at a coffee shop or my local Starbucks. It would be so nice to really just be "at the moment".

I think I have enough fun stuff on my list, I have to get better at organizing my space. Though I love Christmas. It was so nice to have my space back from all of our Christmas decor. Our home is under 1000sq and it requires a lot of creativity when it comes to organizing. I've read a few books in the past that were really helpful. I just have to organize my space to its full potential. Plus, life is so much better when you know where everything is.

Winter Brunch
I'm a huge fan of brunches. I would love to attend a brunch and really just be in the moment. Try something that I typically wouldn't have, and just enjoy my own company.

Do you have a winter “To-Do List”?

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  1. I too love baking when it is cold out. I need to bake some bread soon.

  2. You have a great list here. I plan on reading a lot as well!

  3. Oooo! That winter photoshoot sounds like a great idea! I love the snow, I would have a blast.

  4. Great list here. I'd love to start baking again and discover more recipes!

  5. Your list is very similar to mine. I have lots of things I wanna do this winter but I plan on focusing on these.

  6. Such a great reminder list! Going to have to focus on a couple of these more! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. I hope to get some baking in as the kids love making biscuits.

  8. These are fun for wintertime activities. I haven't done a winter photoshoot before, and that would be a lot of fun!

  9. Oh I think we share the same list every winter season, except that I tend to sleep a lot haha.

  10. These are such great ideas! I would love to take a trip during the winter season :)

    Everything Enchanting <3


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