5 Tips for Shopping the Black Friday Deals Online

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Up until a few years ago. I would complete all of my Black Friday shopping in-store. I remember my first Black Friday experience as if it was yesterday. My aunt would go Black Friday shopping every year. She extended the offer to my sister and me. This took place back in 2003 or 2004 I believe. I remember not getting any sleep, due to being super excited and leaving out of the house around 3 or 4 am. This was back prior to stores opening on Thanksgiving Day, and offering sales online as well. Fast forward to now. I do 
most of my Black Friday shopping for the comfort of my bed. This has come from trial and error, and I've learned something new each year, to improve my shopping experience. Below I'm sharing my Tips for Shopping the Black Friday Deals Online.


I always try to stress the importance of signing up for your favorite store Newsletter. A lot of times stores will send exclusive offers and VIP access to email subscribers. This is perfect, especially around Black Friday. I received a ton of emails last year for early bird access, and I scored some pretty amazing deals from the comfort of my home.

Sale Starts

Many stores sale starts online before the actual in-store sale. It’s so important to actually know when the sale starts with the store you plan on shopping at. Create a list of all of the stores you plan on shopping at and do some research on when the sale starts online. Just because a sale may start in-store early does not mean the same deals are offered online.


Since each sale starts at different times/days. Create a reminder on your phone to make sure you don’t miss out on the sale, also this ensures that the items in which you're looking for don't sell out.

Price Comparison

So many stores are offering great sales. However, not all sale prices are the same. It’s so important to really sit down and price compare. Find out which items you, want, and which price compares with several stores. Make sure it's the same exact item. To ensure that you're actually getting the best deal. For instance, if you're looking to purchase an Apple watch, you find the same exact watch at Target and Best Buy for the same exact price. (so you think) However, the watch at Target is a little more expensive, has more "GB" you're also going to get a $50 discount, and 5% off for using your red card. You have to really break down "what's a good price".

Coupon Codes

If you’re signed up for your favorite store's email and mailing list. You should be receiving coupon code offers. If you haven’t received these offers yet. No worries. Some stores will send the codes the same day as the sale starts. You can always do a quick google search to see if you come across any valid coupon codes. I've saved a ton by just doing a quick Google search and signing up for my favorite store email list.

Do you have any Black Friday online shopping tips?

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  1. Thank you! I am signed up for alerts. This is how I usually shop Black Friday!

  2. I've been finding coupons and saving them since they are for Black Friday only. These are some great tips; I hope I get some good deals and I'm signing up for some email alerts!

  3. Yes! I love shopping online and I do not like going to the malls. I am learning that about myself!

  4. I never really shop on Black Friday but I've been thinking about it this year for the bigger items my kids have asked for and for a new couch for me!

  5. Black Friday can be overwhelming to us. But thanks for your tips. Signing up for alerts is great. It`s how I get best deals

  6. I usually do in store shopping for Black Friday, but I'll be doing some online this year as well. I think it may just be easier to do most of it online. I just hope there are some good things left by the time I get to the sales.

  7. Totally agree with you, gone are days of going into the stores and fighting a crowd. Online shopping is just so much easier. I'm keeping an eye out for deals via email too. Great tips!

  8. These are some really great tips! I really love to shop online, it is more easier and convenient.

  9. thanks for the tips and tricks shared. my mom and sister would love this!

  10. I have already prepared my gift shopping list. I am ready for Black Friday!

  11. I am not a fan of shopping in person. I love online shopping and these are so useful!

  12. I cannot wait for the sales and I am doing my shopping online this year for sure. I went out the last two years to shop and it is fun but overrated :) I can for sure find better deals online and honestly stock levels are better online too ;)


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