How to Avoid Mommy Burnout During the Holidays

by - 11/14/2021 12:00:00 AM

Thanksgiving is almost a week away, and as a mom, I know we're pulled in a million directions. From...

  • Decorating our home
  • Sending out holiday cards
  • Attending holiday parties
  • Purchasing gifts for everyone and their mama
  • Figuring out our holiday dinner menu

Trust me, I know I get it. Typically, I'ved hosted Thanksgiving dinner in the past and shortly thereafter we head to the outlets to catch those good ole Black Friday deals. I mean, I really love Christmas and I want to enjoy every minute leading up to it. However, I really get it as a mom, sometimes we really don't get the chance to be in the moment. Below I’m sharing how to avoid Mommy Holiday burnout to make sure this holiday season is the best year yet.

Holiday Plans
Sit down and figure out what you’re doing this year. Who’s hosting Christmas Dinner? Are you sending cards? Do you have annual events that you would like to attend?

Me Time
As prior stated, for the last couple of years. I've typically taken a vacation prior to Christmas. It honestly wasn't planned. But I learned that it was really nice to just enjoy the moment in another state. I realized that the stress that the holidays can sometimes bring on alot. I know this is not possible for everyone. However, take some me-time. That may mean a spa date or even a staycation. Treat yourself to some me-time, and do what you love. 
Eat Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It is! Don’t skimp on it. Make sure that every morning that you have a complete breakfast with your favorite breakfast treat.

Menu Plan
Around this time of year menu planning and my crockpot is my bestie.

If you can freezer cook that's even better. With so many parties and shopping to do. Cooking on the stove can become a task. Compile a list of your favorite recipes. Figure out what you need from the store until you go back to the store for your Christmas dinner essentials and menu plan weekly or the entire month if possible.

The List

Create a list of everyone you're purchasing gifts for. Also, include next to their name gift ideas. It sucks to go to the store trying to figure out what to purchase for someone. Use your time wisely and create your list now.


Delegate Task
With children being so tech-savvy. Include them in festivities. Delegate age-appropriate tasks. That could include picking up an extra chore and/or assisting with cooking. If you’re a blogger. Have them help with your blogger tasks (if you don’t have a virtual assistant).

Mommy burnout is real. Use these tips to simplify this holiday season and avoid mommy burnout.

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  1. Me time is so important! I know if I don't get it, that I'll lose my mind.

  2. Why do we try to do it all. We must make sure to make time for ourselves.

  3. This year we decided to travel with my parents for Thanksgiving so no one has to cook or clean!

  4. These are some really great tips! What I love the most is Me time. We really need this!

  5. Thank you for sharing these really amazing tips! I will also share this to my friends!


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