5 Things I’m Proud November

by - 12/01/2021 12:00:00 AM


November flew by, I can't believe today is the first day of December. December is such a magical month to me. I love the magic that comes along with the holidays. November was such a great month, we had some really nice warm temps. It was so nice to wear some of my favorite pieces. Every month, I share what I'm proud of. Below, I'm sharing 5 Things I’m Proud of in November

5 Things I’m Proud of in November

I didn't go crazy on Black Friday. I love to shop, it's one of the things that I'm really, really good at. However, I'm proud of myself for sticking to my list.

Purchased Something I wanted

I actually purchased something that I wanted this month. I'm super proud of myself for that. Being a mom, it's so easy to have mommy guilt or mommy buying remorse.

I slept in whenever I could, it's such a nice reward to be able to sleep in as a parent. It really feels nice.

I'm proud of myself for starting a new plant journey. Unfortunately, I left my plants outside a little too long, and I'm slowly but surely nursing them back to health. They really thrived outside over the summer, and I'm proud of myself for adding to my collection.

Do you have anything that you’re proud of?

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  1. You are doing great. I didn't shop horribly on black friday either. But I am probably getting too much on Amazon.

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about the plants. I hope they recover soon.

  3. Focusing more on sleeping in and adding plants sounds perfect! I love this!

  4. What a great idea to focus on positive things. I am proud of my jewelry making. It started as a Covid hobby but has turned into a small side business.

  5. Im happy for your achievements this month, even if they are small things. Its good to acknowledge things that we are proud of about ourselves

  6. I also did a lot of shopping this month. And I am proud that I only bought the things I need.

  7. Im happy for you. I lobe this month too. I got a lot of projects and collaborations which I'm really proud of. Cheers to more achievements and positive things next month

  8. Kudos for starting a plant journey. I don't have the greenest thumb but I have fun trying to grow different plants.

  9. You are doing just really great! Just focus on the positive things! am really happy for all of your achievements !

  10. Those are all great things that I can relate to! It is nice to indulge in something special.

  11. I always have mom guilt when I buy something for myself. I'm working on it. :)

  12. Love the post and you have lots of good reasons to me proud ;) You deserve to treat yourself occasionally right?! LOL… good for you and here’s to another good month!


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