6 Simple Tips to Stay Cold & Flu Free

by - 12/12/2021 12:00:00 AM

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It's offocially the holidays, and the temps are already starting to feel like winter in Connecticut. Up until last year, I would get sick before and/or after the holidays. I remember one year, maybe about two years ago. I had a speaking engagement. I noticed waking up I just didn't feel right, and about two hours before the event I felt horrible. Of course, I didn't cancel, I felt so bad because I honestly didn't feel like myself. It was actually my last speaking engagement I had, and I vowed to myself that this wouldn't happen again. The event was about an hour away from my home, and I remember getting off the away to get some cold and flu remedies. My throat was swollen, and I could barely speak. From that point on, I've educated myself, and I'm happy to say that last year, was one of the first years in which I could remember that I wasn't out of commission for about a week. Being a mom, I did have obligations, and I honestly just had stuff that I wanted to do. Plus, it just sucks not feeling your best.

6 Simple Tips to Stay Cold and Flu Free 

Immune Boosting Products
One of my favorite daily routines is drinking warm lime/lemon water in the morning. This drink has so many amazing benefits. I created a post all about it here. It's so important to make sure that you include immune-boosting foods in your daily diet in order to stay healthy.

Bundle Up
From trial and error stay bundled up! No one has the same immune system. What works for some. May not work for others. It's also very important to note that our immune system changes over time. So as a child, you could go outside during the colder months without a jacket. Though it's considered a myth. If you had gloves on and touched a door after someone sneezed on it, you inadvertently protected yourself.

Sleep More
Noting getting an adequate amount of rest can lower your immune system. It's so important to have daily nightly routines to ensure that you're getting enough rest.

Stress Less
Just like not getting enough sleep can cause you to get sick. Stress is also a leading factor.

Exercise Often
Since starting my healthy lifestyle, I've seen firsthand the difference in my health. It's so important to incorporate exercise into your daily life. Whether your goal is to take the stairs while out and about and/or at work or walk 5 miles each day. It doesn't matter how you start, as long as you start.

Wash Your Hands
Yes, hand sanitizer liquid and wipes are fine, and it's amazing if you do not have anything in reach. However, please, if you have soap and water in your reach. Use it!

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