Tips for Buying Your Teen Their First Car

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Whether your child is of age is they have a few years until they’re able to get their permit and driver's license. Below, I’m sharing tips to assist you with making this transition as easy as possible.

New or Used
This is such a hard answer, I would highly suggest purchasing a car that has good ratings and is less than 20 years old. ( If you’re able to.) When I was a teen I could care less about the year of the car. I was just happy to have something to drive. This also plays a major determining factor in the maintenance of the vehicles. Most older cars require more maintenance.

Cost of Owning A Car
Besides maintenance, taxes, and insurance. There are so many costs associated with owning a car. So down with your insurance prefer for rates. Typically older cars are less exiting insure.

Car Size
Car size is so important, do what works for your family though. Your child may be great at driving an SUV or simply may prefer driving a compact car.

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  1. I have two kids and the second will be driving next year. I have never bought a car for a teen but a safe reliable car makes the most sense.

  2. These are great tips. Our girls are babies right now but I know they won't be for long!

  3. My son has autism and probably won't drive. But my daughter will be 15 next year. I won't be buying her a car. She'll have to get a job if she wants one.

  4. I agree to all these. But I'm glad I'm far from that expense as of now.

  5. It's really something to think through. Just like buying a house, it's kinda hard to decide which would be best.

  6. The teen's first car is a landmark, these are some really good tips for getting the right car.

  7. Thanks for the tips but my kids would have to work for it if they want their own car.

  8. This is a really great tip. Also, the memories will also linger. Seeing that its their first car.

  9. Buying a car is always a big step. It's important to consider a lot of factors like the car's cost and its size.

  10. These are definitely things to look for. Getting a car is such a huge step too. I have two daughters and I'm not even really ready for them to drive yet. My oldest has about four years yet, but I know that will come up quick.


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