5 Things I’m Proud of June

by - 7/06/2021 12:00:00 AM


It’s officially July and June really flew by. June was a relatively busy month for me. My son graduated from High School, along with some other family members... We celebrated Father’s Day l, and my father’s 60th Birthday! Whew, what a busy month. Below, I’m sharing 5 Things I’m Proud Of...

5 Things I’m Proud Of June

Though I feel as if I could have done a lot better, and my garden should be way more advanced than it is now. I’m thankful for my garden, and I’m so proud of myself for being consistent.

Be Present
I’ve learned the importance-of simply being present in all aspects-of my life, and I’m so proud of myself for learning how to be present more.


As a mom, I don’t take for granted the days I’m able to sleep in. I’ve learned to be unapologetic about it though.

I’ve always been a journal, since I was a little girl and I’m so happy that it’s a creative outlet for me. I’m so proud of myself for journalism.

I’ve been doing yoga consistently for months now, and I’m so proud of myself for staying consistent. Yoga has so many amazing benefits.

What if you proud of?

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  1. i want to get back to yoga. i do miss it so

  2. You have plenty to be proud of which is good. I need to try and sleep in. I don't get to often.

  3. I love how you are proud of your garden. Consistency is definitely key. Even if something isn't doing well, if you get out there every day and do a little work, you will be rewarded!


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