5 Things I’m Proud of in December

by - 1/06/2021 12:00:00 AM

It's officially the beginning of the new year, and I couldn't wait to share with you guys what I'm proud of for the month of December. I have to say that this month truly flew by. I didn't do have of the fun stuff that I wanted to do this month. I will say that I'm thankful for the things that I was able to do though. Below, I'm sharing 5 Things that I'm proud of.

Anything you're proud of in December?

5 Things I’m Proud of in December

I didn't go crazy with the after-Christmas sales which I'm proud of myself for. It's super easy to just buy to buy. Execpailly when things are such a great price.


I used my planner often. One of my goals this year was to use my planner more. With everything going on, I wasn't sure if I would even use my planner. I'm so happy that I've found reasons too. Something about using my planner really just adds a spark to my day.

I can honestly say that I got plenty of rest in the month of December which I'm truly thankful for.


I journaled often, not as much as I would have liked to. However, I did journal and I made it happen. Journaling is such a great way to just clear your mind.

Took Time off When Needed

I took a lot of much-needed time off which I'm truly thankful for.

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  1. This has been a tough year for sure. It is good to have things to be happy and excited about!

  2. I would like to use my planner more often! I forget to do that!

  3. Probably shopping is what I lessen up this year especially due to what happened this year. This year, I am planning to list down all my goals and hopefully be positive and look forward to a good year.

  4. Tough year and glad you got to rest in December. Journaling has been huge for me as well. Wishing you a joyous 2021 filled with much positivity.


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