Ways to Make Self-Care Happen This Summer

by - 6/21/2020 12:00:00 AM

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During the summer months, it can be extremely hard to practice self-care. Especially, with your menstrual cycle coming monthly for most women. Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to practice self-care this summer and really make the most of it even if you are on your period. 

Like many women, I suffer from bloating, menstrual pain, and water weight gain during my period. For years I’ve struggled with the right product that really feels my needs for my period relief. I started using Pamprin and it has been a game-changer for me. The Pamprin Max Pain + Energy is the only menstrual pain product with two pain relievers - aspirin and acetaminophen – while fighting fatigue, bloating, and water weight gain with caffeine. I love that this product was made specifically for my most painful days and relieves discomfort. It really allows me to enjoy the beautiful warm days without having to worry about the discomfort of cramps, backaches, or even having a headache. I love that the Pamprin Max Pain + Energy provides maximum results and provides me with the energy I need to enjoy those gorgeous days. 

Try Something New
One of my favorite ways to practice self-care is to try new products. Two of my favorite new products are from the BOTA Skincare line. The Hand Lotion & Muscle Melt Crème from BOTA Skin feels amazing against my skin and has made the perfect addition to my self-care routine. I love that BOTA Skincare’s mission is to provide gentle yet effective skincare products that are free of harsh chemicals while being plant-based and enhanced with CBD. Their products are also non-GMO and the hemp used in their products is grown in the U.S. 

The Apricot Kernel Oil +hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-greasy hand lotion that contains natural emollients and essential fatty acids that soothe and hydrate your skincare it contains less than 0.3% of THC. 

The Warming Cinnamon Oil + hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) melt CRÈME makes for the perfect skincare combination. The crème combines warming cinnamon oil, shea butter, and hemp extract to help you unwind making it the perfect addition to your skin routine this summer. It’s made with the best CBD and is cruelty-free. 
Use code: WOMENSWELLNESS at checkout for 20% off site-wide. 

The TROJAN™ Brand Condoms, a brand known for helping people explore with confidence, is asking everyone to take a moment and Sexplore At Home With Confidence to show that staying home can still be sexy. The TROJAN™ Ultra Touch™Intense Personal Massager is a unique vibrator that attaches to your finger. The TROJAN™ Ultra Touch™ Intense Personal Massager features a soft casing that is gentle to the touch. It’s washable and reusable and comes with 3 replaceable button cell batteries. The TROJAN™ Ultra Touch™Intense Personal Massager is the perfect Fingertip massager to practice self-care and sexplore at home this summer. 

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  1. I have been taking Pamprin for years. It's one thing I almost always have in my house because I need it.

  2. The hand creme sounds nice! And I could certainly use the pamprin after having kids. Things are so much worse!

  3. I am definitely into learning more about self care items this summer. I spent a lot of money during quarantine finding new products to try and add into my daily routine.

  4. These all sound amazing. I am all about self care. I have used Pamprin a lot! It helps!

  5. Pamprin is one of my favorite pain medications really helps a lot on those days.

  6. Self care is always so important! I have added in new things to my skin care routine which has been so nice.

  7. I use a lot hand creme lately. I am still looking for the perfect one. I will try the hand lotion from Bota.

  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. They all sound great. I will definitely check these out.

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  10. These are good suggestions! I love to have the creams for my self-care line.

  11. Self care is so important. I should check out Pamprin because I can be so miserable when my period arrives.

  12. Thanks for sharing these stuffs, additional things to consider to help take care our skin.


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