Garden Update: Bringing Home Rose & Vegetable Plants

by - 6/02/2020 12:00:00 AM

Happy Tuesday! A couple of weeks ago, one of my Facebook friends posted about receiving rose bushes from a nonprofit organization. She picked up the rose plants that day. However, I did not see that post until later that day. I went to the organization's Facebook page and completed the form in hopes that someone would get back to me. While completing the form I noticed that they also mentioned actually receiving vegetable plant seeding as well. This made me even more eager to receive the email because I didn’t have any vegetable plants for my garden. Days passed and I checked, and I received an email for the organization. We coordinated pickup, and I was able to pick up the rose plants. To my surprise, the vegetable plants were not seeds, but actually seedings. I was super happy. Just beyond thrilled because I assumed I would be picking up seeds. This really jumped started my garden, and I’m beyond excited for my harvest this year. I also have a few plants that I’ve never harvested before which I’m really excited about.  

Rose Plants

Vegtable Plants Recevied:

  • Arugula 
  • Tomato 
  • Collard Greens
  • Kale 

All Potted Vegetable Plants 

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  1. I would love roses or some other fragrant flower. I wish I didn't have a black thumb and kill everything I try to grow.

  2. Nice. I so wish I could grow things but alas, I cannot. My mom has a beautiful garden though.

  3. I just bought a raised garden bed and I can't wait to get started. I used this time to grow seedlings.

  4. Our garden is an absolute mess at the moment I really need to try and do something about it as it could be a really nice space with some beautiful plants.

  5. Making the most of the time at home by planting vegetables is amazing. They are beautiful!

  6. Those will be a lot of fun! I work in a greenhouse, and of course, I love plants! Don't forget fertilizer and lots of sun. People ask how my plants grow so well, and that usually does the trick.

  7. Look like they'll be a great little harvest! And that's so generous of the non-profit to kick start your gardening efforts.

  8. I just got three plants from a friend yesterday: papaya, bell pepper and tomato too. I hope to grow them like yours


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