6 Hacks to Save on Groceries

by - 6/03/2020 12:00:00 AM

One of my favorite pastimes is going to the grocery store, and going grocery shopping. Throughout the years I’ve become quite savory when it comes to purchasing groceries for my family. Below I’m sharing 6 Hacks that will assist you with saving on groceries.

6 Hacks to Save on Groceries


There are plenty of apps like Receipt Pal, Rakuten, and Fetch Rewards that allow you to earn rewards for shopping online and/or in-store. This is a great way to save on everyday buys.

Shop at Discount Stores

Shopping at discount stores like Ocean State Job Lot and Homegoods really offer you the opportunity to try new products, and save on some of your favorites. Like seasoning, teas, and a little bit of everything in between. During your next shopping shop, browse the food section at your local Homegoods. You’re sure to find huge savings.

Buy Bulk

I think the biggest misconception is when shopping at stores like Bj’s Sam's Club, and Costco is everything is in bulk size, and honestly, that couldn't be further from the truth. A Lot of stores nowadays often offer various sizes for products like sugar, and flour. I’ve even found some of my favorite products for the fraction of the price at the grocery store. I typically always buy and bulk. They usually have regular size portions of fruits and veggies.

Meal Plan

I love meal planning. It really saves you time and money. Plus, you’re not wasting time wondering what to make for dinner each night. Even if you’re single, create a meal plan for yourself. If you have children, include your children in the process.

Freezer Cooking

If you follow me on Instagram, I typically freezer cook whenever possible. Those meals really come in handy. It’s such a great way to cut down on time and money. You can have a cooking day and possibly be done with cooking for the entire month.

Grocery List

It’s so easy to run in the store and purchase stuff on a whim. Go to the grocery store, and stick to your list. I like to create a running grocery list that I add to as we’re running low on stuff.

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  1. We like having a list and buying in bulk. Our Costco membership has been our best friend lately!

  2. I do some of these! I don't buy in bulk since we have a small family. But I do use apps and coupons!

  3. Buying in bulk has really helped us! I have 2 teenage boys and they eat A LOT!

  4. I love shopping in warehouse stores. I also do a lot of online shopping to prevent impulse buys.

  5. I like saving. And I will definitely use your tips to save on groceries!

  6. Great suggestions. We always try to buy in bulk because we're only allowed to do one shop a week now due to COVID-19. That and we freeze certain things.

  7. These are some awesome ideas. Groceries can be really overwhelming sometimes.

  8. These are some smart ideas. I leanred a few ways to save money on groceries here.

  9. Great tips! We use a list app that syncs across our phones so if someone is out running errands and pops into the grocery store, they know what we're out of.

  10. These are great tips! I can't lie, my biggest expense is on groceries!

  11. These are really great tips on saving for on groceries! I might need them now. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I used to do all of these things and definitely need to get back to them. It was so awesome to freezer cook especially since they were usually crockpot dishes.


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