How I Budget & Save for Blogger Conferences

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One of the things I love most to do is Personal Development. Prior to even becoming a Blogger. I used to attend every workshop my supervisor would approve. This gave me the opportunity to not only improve on my craft. It also gave me the opportunity to connect with others in the same field as me. When I started blogging back in September of 2011. I didn't even realize that there was an entire community within the blogging world. I was amazed at how much I would learn from other bloggers on a daily basis. When I started to learn of the blogger conferences, my goal was to attend as many as possible the following year. I attended BlogHer back in 2012, and I was hooked! I've noticed that a lot of people are a little perplexed about how to budget and save for a conference, and the expenses they should consider. Below I'm sharing How I Budget & Save for Conferences, I've also included a video. Of course, I use these same principles no matter which conference I'm attending. 

Associated Cost
  • Know the entire cost of the conference. Do you have to pay for any of the items listed below? 
  • Conference Ticket
  • Lodging (hotel/Airbnb)
  • Travel (Flight, uber/Lyft, rental car, gas)
  • Food (breakfast lunch, dinner, airport)
  • Ticket $500
  • Lodging $800
  • Travel $400
  • Food $200
Total = $1900
  • Most conferences work with hotels to have a special rate for the event. Depending on the conference size the room can possibly book up fast. Most conferences provide this information on their website. 
  • Not all conferences are alike. Know what food is being provided. Are they providing lunch or coffee/tea throughout the event? Is food provided on the first and last day?
  • It also very important to consider travel, will you be taking a flight, is the event within driving distance? Do you need to rent a car? How much gas will you need? 
Most conferences are held on an annual basis and most conference dates have already been posted for the following year that conference has already passed. If you have a full year to save for your conference. On a spreadsheet or piece of paper. Calculate the total cost above and divide it by 12. If you're using the example above, that would be $1900/ 12 = $160 monthly estimated saving cost. 

Now Save
It's really that simple. On a weekly basis, you can save $40 a week or $80 bi-weekly or the $160 monthly. Above is just a rough estimate of expenses. However, I highly suggest creating a savings account now that designated solely for professional development or conferences. It makes it a lot easier to plan for a conference when you have the money on hand and saved. 

  • Most conferences give huge discounts for the following year conference ticket if you purchase it within the first couple of days of it going unofficially on sale. 
  • You can save big on hotels if you have a roommate or decide to go the Airbnb route.
  • Unforateltnelty, Due to unforeseen circumstances, some people have to sell their ticket. Let your friends know that you're interested in buying a ticket (this is in the event that the conference is sold out)

Watch Now!!

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  1. I have never gone to a blog conference because I don't like spending money on stuff like this LOL. I love the way you budget for them.

  2. This is a great example of budgeting for a conference. I've never been but when I do go, I'll refer back to your budget.

  3. I really love how you budget. Although I have not been to a blog conference in quite a while this definitely makes a lot of sense. I can do this in my every day life too.

  4. I've never been to a blogging conference, but I know how great they are for networking and learning. They can be pricy so these tips really come in handy!

  5. I'll keep this in mind. I really do want to start going to conference. I just have to get over my anxiety and do it! I bet I'd end up having fun.

  6. I haven't been to a conference in years. They can be so pricey. I'll have to try your tricks.

  7. My wife and my mother in law go to lots of blog conferences. They have learned a lot at them.

  8. Great tip. I love budgeting for things. Really figuring out total costs helps me be more prepared, and not have any surprises that I'm not expecting.

  9. I have not been to a blog conference in over a year. The last one I went to was a ton of fun, though!

  10. I'd love to go to a blog conference some day. You have a great layout of how to budget and make that happen!

  11. I think breaking down savings to weekly amounts make it so much easier. This is a great way to save for vacation too!

  12. I've been to several conferences but one of my fave tips is sign up to volunteer. You get to meet bloggers and it really helps offset costs. Often volunteers receive a free or discounted conference pass. Winning!

  13. You have a nice tips that a bloggers can do in preparing for a bloggers conference. It's hustle free and it can really save your money.

  14. Great tips! This is very helpful especially for new bloggers.

  15. Great tips. I have a couple of conferences that I want to do this year so I'll have to apply these tips.

  16. I’m not so good at making sure i set aside time and money for professional development. Good tips!

  17. I’m a newbie blogger who’s never heard of blogger conferences before, so I feel a bit ignorant. It’s always good to save money especially when investing in yourself and your business

  18. Saving money is always a priority for me! Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!


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