My Blogher'12 My... Thoughts...

Blogher’12 it was truly an experience! I had an amazing time at all of the parties I attend, The Relax, it’s … Lees Spill Spa Experience!, Iconix and Lipstick and High Heels just to name a few.

I had an amazing time meeting so many wonderful people and great brands! (Everyone was so so so nice to me) Thank You!

  • I also truly enjoyed seeing two of my favorite people President Obama and Martha Stewart.
  • I wanted to take a moment to share with you guys my likes and dislikes (disclaimer: this is my opinion yours may be different from mines)
  • I had an amazing time meeting so wonderful people and great brands! (Everyone was so so so nice to me) Thank You!
  • I also truly enjoyed seeing two of my favorite people President Obama (Steaming live) and Martha Stewart.
  • I loved the off site parties; they were really the highlight of my entire trip. The parties were so much fun. I was able to connect with brands and also meet new bloggers in an intimate setting.
  • I loved how the conference was in New York, love the location! I live only 2-3 hours away from Manhattan, so I was truly grateful to have the option to drive verses the expenses of other traveling methods. Plus, the shopping, YES Please!
  • SWAG!!!!! Yes, it was SWAG galore (The brands were amazingly sweet and helpful) I also love how they had a swag exchange so blogger were able to exchange or leave unwanted SWAG.


The Hotel:

The evaluators were ridiculous, it took so long to get everywhere, my room was tiny (which could be expected for NY) the food was fine; it was nothing to brag home about.

The Expo Halls:

Some of the expo halls felt really tight once it was packed with people (there were a few brands that were having their own conversations, and I guess were there to keep each other company and not interact with the bloggers). I really wanted to have a moment to interact with the representatives from the brands, and connect with them, which I was able to do. The brands that I did speak with were so sweet, and I am Thankful that I had a moment to connect with them.

This was my first conference so I really did not have anything to compare it to. I expected for the conference to full of people, due to it being located in NY. I look forward to attending future blogger conferences and meeting all of my blogger friends in person.

PS: My Linky Party is still going on if you would like to stop by J

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  1. So happy to have met you at Blogher! You are so sweet and cute! Thanks for hanging with me!

  2. Alas . . . I offered to volunteer since I live nearby but they didn't accept me. Their loss :)

  3. Did you present or were you there as a learning, networking experience?

  4. Did you learn anything valuable like SEO, branding, growing your blog etc? If so will you be doing a post on that?

  5. It was a pleasure meeting you!! Mad i missed out on y'alls travel trip but then again I already had to pack a box to get everything home. Hopefully I'll see you in Chicago next year!!


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