Back From #Blogher12

by - 8/04/2012 09:18:00 PM

Hey Guys!!!!!

I'm back from Blogher'12 :) I miss you guys so much, and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I would like to Thank everyone who took the time to participate in my linky party. I greatly appreciate each and every one of you... I will be back soon with a Blogher post.

Thank You For Stopping By!

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  1. So jealous!!! I was actually a BlogHer Voices of the Year in the Identity category this year, and I couldn't go - boo hoo!!! I want to know every detail - spill!!!

    LOVD tidings, Lilly

    Cool bag!

  2. Can't wait to hear about BlogHer! Know you must have had a fantastic time!

  3. Looking forward to hearing all about Blogher12!! I hope you had an amazing time!

  4. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about your travels!

    Quiet Luxury

  5. Really enjoyed meeting you this weekend hanging out some! Hoe to see you again soon!


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