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by - 8/17/2012 04:43:00 PM

Happy Friday Everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a new campaign from Johnson&Johnson that supports Save the Children. I had the pleasure of meeting them during Blogher’12 in the Johnson&Johnson suite. I learned about all of the awesome work they do. Please see below additional information about the campaign. I hope you will take a moment to check them.
 (Save the Children, an organization working to improve the future for children, women, and families across the globe.)
Mom’s the Word is a Facebook community where moms can find funny, uplifting, videos, stories, and pictures that celebrate the small (and sometimes big) victories moms have every day. These “MomWins,” include everything from getting dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, remembering to sign all of your kids’ permission slips, or receiving the cute family portrait your child made at school.
The thing that makes this online mom community different is that Mom’s the Word has a purpose. Every Monday, each action that’s taken on the page – that includes Likes, Shares, Comments, or Posts – Johnson’s Baby will give a $1 donation to Save the Children. This community is about more than just reliving those fun mom moments; it's about providing critical support for moms around the globe to ensure that they have what they need to nurture healthy, educated children who are ready to succeed.


I was not compensated for this post nor did I receive any free products for this post.

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