How to Get Kids to Drink More Water with Gululu

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and Gululu.

As a busy mom, one of my hardest tasks is finding creative ways for your family to live a healthier lifestyle while including more water intake in everyone's diet. As many of you know last year I went on a diet which turned into a lifestyle change. Growing up, I just didn’t like water and like most children I didn’t see the point of having it. I noticed as I’ve gotten older water has become a part of my daily lifestyle. Once I accomplished cohesively including water in my diet. I wanted fun ways to get my kiddos to drink more water. I’m learning as a parent that sometimes we just have to think outside of the box. Sometimes as a parent we also have those aha moments. I’ve noticed that my children drink a lot more water when it’s in their favorite bottle. Doing a little research I was able to combine the best of both worlds for them. Cute water bottle + Intuitive Learning. I've found Gululu, and have been obsessed with it ever since.

 I tell my kids all the time that I wish Gululu was around when I was their age it's the best water bottle for kids. As a mom, I’m big on reward systems. One of the features of this water bottle that I love is that the kiddos earn points for drinking water and Gululu also has a pretty awesome app that goes along with the kid's water bottle and also allows parents to play along with their children. I also love that Gululu has daily goals as well. I love how as a family we can discuss Gululu, daily goals and how they’re doing with the app.

One of the reasons that I love Gululu. Not only do they make drinking water fun. A portion of every sale will go towards building water wells for children in developing countries through Gululu’s partnership with Did you know that Gululu was featured in Forbes and has been declared one of the top 5 best kids gadgets?!


What is Gululu?
Gululu is an interactive water bottle that keeps children hydrated while allowing their parents to
monitor daily water-drinking progress through a smartphone app.

Mission and Contribution
Our mission is to help children all over the world stay healthy and hydrated!

Learn More

Gululu, the Interactive Water Bottle:
● Monitor children's daily water-drinking progress through your smartphone
● Grow and evolve with a virtual ‘tamagotchi-like’ virtual pet
● Experience continuous content updates through an automatic software update
the system to keep children engaged
● Utilize “Do Not Disturb” and “Bedtime” modes
● Learn-Through-Play, embark on a journey of health, rewards, and adventures
within the “Gululu universe”
● Connect with friends by syncing to nearby bottles and stay connected with the
cloud-based app. Durable, safe, and waterproof with a modular design and
easy-to-clean spout that makes maintenance simple BPA-free

Other important features:
1. Monthly themes: Every couple of weeks, Gululu introduces additional features,
such as new online campaigns, drinking animations, pet accessories, sound effects,
and more. These exciting additions are all automatically updated into the bottle
through the cloud.
2. Gululu Universe Journey: Children can redeem accessories for their pets with the
virtual coins collected along their journey of discovering the Gululu Universe.
3. Virtual pets: A fourth virtual pet, (Donny), was released at the end of March. More
characters are expected to be added soon to expand the population of the “Gululu

Did you know?!
Gululu has been featured in leading global media publications in over 20 countries. Among them are TechCrunch, Yahoo, Vogue, and Forbes that declared Gululu as a “Top 5 best kids’ gadgets.”


You can learn more about Gululu and purchase your own here  + save  using code " gulu-hydrate18 " at checkout  Code Expires October 1, 2018 

Is this your first time learning about Gululu? 

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  1. I have never geard about Gululi. I love that the company is giving back to the poor.

  2. So cool! I'll have to get this for my daughter. It sounds like something she'd enjoy! Plus she loves her water, so it works out!

  3. I haven't heard of Gululu. This would be a great item to have and use daily. I try to drink as much water as possible and this would help me keep track.

  4. I need to look into this! My cute is that drink enough and I worry about that because we live in a hot area of the country! I think this would definitely be very successful with my kiddo!

  5. I never heard of Gululu before but I love the idea of it. This would have been perfect when my kids were younger. All they wanted were juices and sodas. I am glad now that they are older they drinks a lot more water. I think a big reason is because I hardly ever have it in the house these days.

  6. This looks interesting. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it. Haha! My daughter would definitely like it. I will have to keep it in mind for her.

  7. Omg initially my eyes read your title as: HOW TO GET KIDS MORE DRUNK. LMFAO!!!!!!

  8. This is a great gadget. I had a hard time getting my kids to drink enough water when they were young.

  9. I love the name, it has a nice ring to it! That's so cool you get rewards and that it goes along with an app. Definitely makes drinking water more fun for kids.

  10. Now this looks like something I need to get for my nieces and nephews! I only drink water and when they come to my house they freak out because I only have water, LOL! This would be a fun way to get them to drink more water with me!

  11. I know my daughter needs more motivation to drink enough water each day! This could really help and I love that the company gives back.

  12. That's a pretty cool gadget! My friend was telling me that she had something like this, and I didn't know there was a water bottle like that for kids.

  13. Now that is something I would like. I didn't know there were ones like it for adults. I will be looking at that for myself and my nieces and nephews.

  14. It's my first time hearing about it... and I have four kids that need help staying hydrated! They all have water bottles and some days are easier than others, but sometimes it's hard to get them drinking water.

  15. I must confess, this is my first time to learn about this brand. This is a great companion for kids to drink more water. I also love their way of giving back to the poor. I hope many would have this kind of corporate social responsibility.

  16. I've never heard of this but it's awesome! I'm very lucky that my kids love to drink water.

  17. That is actually a smart idea. Kids are so preoccupied with sugar drinks; they need to love water!

  18. This fun, interactive water bottle would be a great gift for the kids on my Christmas list.. I know it's still months away but thanks for a great gift idea! :)

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