The Westchester NY Trip Recap (Day Tripping)

by - 7/28/2016 12:00:00 AM

Hello Friends, 

Prior to summer I mentioned having a summer Bucket List of things I wanted to do with my Mini King this summer. Well, I must say . Summer is trying to speed pass us like she has a hot date to go on or something. 

I can't believe next week Monday will be the official start of football season and pretty much the end of summer so to speak with schedule flexibility. For those football moms. You ladies understand. Once football starts, its practice five to six days a week. 

Anywho, we had the opportunity to check something off of our Summer Bucket list. I drove to New York with my Mini King ( it was only 1hr and 45 mins away, lol) 

I heard about The Westchester Mall and I thought it would be a cool day trip. 

I didn't realize this mall had three floors with some of my favorite stores. It was really refreshing to visit.

The Drive 

When you have to try and remember which floor you parked on


Starbucks Break

Eye candy 

Lunch break

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