The Best Quick Waffles

by - 7/13/2016 12:00:00 AM

I am currently In love with the Bisquick waffles. I originally purchased the Bisquick box at my local Bj’s to have on hand for those mornings that I do not feel like making homemade waffles and pancakes and I must say these waffles have quickly become my favorite. I love adding my favorite berries with warm syrup. For some reason I was so frustrated when I initially tried making them. The batter would stick to the pan and it was a disaster. Of course all I had to do was add cooking spray to the pan and viola. The perfect waffle was created. I love this mix so much that were almost done with the box. 

Any who, I just wanted to share this with my waffle loves. It’s nice to just add, mix and eat (so to speak)

Any new favs?

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