The Four Supplements I Take Daily (MY Favorites)

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As I'm getting older. I'm seeing the importance more, and more for taking vitamins daily. I currently have four in rotation. sometimes I can take up to ten different supplements for various reasons from menstrual cycle to hair growth. Below I am going to give a very simple breakdown of the vitamins I take and why.

Prenatal: No, I'm not pregnant. This is my daily supplement. 

B-12: For energy (I think all moms can use some extra energy)

Hair, Skin, Nails Supplement (Target Brand): To assist with hair growth

Biotin: To assist with hair growth 

You defiantly should consult with a physician to see what supplements are a best fit for you. I would like to also note that I do not take the HSN supplements and the Prenatal vitamins at the same time. I usually take one when I wake up and the other when I goto sleep. You also want to make sure to not take any supplements on a empty stomach. I also only take my supplements with water. 

How I take them (typically) 

  • With Breakfast: Parental Vitamins and Biotin
  • With Dinner: Hair, Skin, and Nails (HSN)
  • B-12: Typically early in the morning or in the afternoon. (This typically depends on the layout of my day. 

What supplements do you take daily? 

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  1. I'm curious, I've heard biotin helps with hair growth, and want to try it. I too take b12.

  2. I need to start taking B12. I take a one a day multivitamin so I think it has B12 in it. I'll have to check the bottle. I don't need a thing for hair growth. I have thick hair and it grows so fast.

  3. I am so happy you are taking the supplements your body needs. I tried biotin once and lets just say I had to stop since i don't want to have to shave daily. lol

  4. Ahh the good old days of vitamins while pregnant. Best nails and hair ever. I don't take any now or atleast regularly like I should be.

  5. I take a multi-vitamin, calcium with vitamin D, and Hair, Skin & Nails gummies vitamins from Nature's Bounty. I think that they all work together well to keep me healthy!

    Beth ||

  6. Those are the Vitamins I take everyday too. I am happy to see someone else loves taking it.

  7. B12 for sure is the only supplement I like to take :)

  8. I also take pre-natal vitamins (though am not pregnant), vitamin c and some vitamins for my hair and nail growth. All organic :)

  9. I take b12 song with a calcium, magnesium and zinc vitamin. And every once in a while I take a tsp of black seed oil. Yulk!

  10. I used to take biotin for my hair and it worked really well. Unfortunately, it made my skin breakout really bad so i had to stop taking it. Now I just take a women's daily multivitamin.

  11. I've heard really great things about the B12 vitamin. I really should just on this bandwagon or at least eat more foods with these in them!

  12. I take everything you takes excepts the prenatal vitamin. The Biotin makes my hair and nail grow like crazy.

  13. I take vitamin D 1 a week and B12 shot once a month due to having Crohn's. I can say it does help.


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