How to Save Money on Natural Hair Products

by - 7/20/2016 12:00:00 AM

Trust me, I know. You could easily spend $50 on two natural hair products. Well, I’m here today to assist you with how you could save while still purchasing the products you love. Check the clearance rack My local Target and periodically has natural hair items on sale from 10%-70% off. Don’t count Target out. Check the aisles during your regular shopping trip. You never know what you might find. Also, if you watch the video below. You will see how I scored some natural hair products that were regular price $20 and I was able to purchase them for $5. Yup! You read right.

Natural Hair Product Swap There are tons of local natural hair meet-ups/events. See if the event allows swapping. Trust me, I’ve scored some great products while swapping products. As a natural, it really doesn’t benefit you to keep products that just don’t work for you. That’s when swaps come in handy. You might even be able to find products you’ve wanted to try.
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for email newsletters I signed up for Sally’s and many other newsletters and you would be surprised at what great coupon offers they have if you just take moment to read the email. You should also take a moment to look at the bottom of your receipts. Often stores will offer discounts if you complete a survey. Sales Learn when your favorite stores/company have their regular sales. Trust me, it really sucks to purchase a product online a day before the sale starts. Many companies will mention on social media when they are having their next sale. Don’t hesitate to ask them to if they plan on having any upcoming sales and/or promotions.

Ibotta often has $5 off a $25 purchase at Sally Beauty Supply.

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