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I love when other women share their skincare routine. I love learning about other products that work and trying new products too. I will say that I pretty much, for the most part, stick to what works for me. I do not have a huge collection of products that I use. Sharing today in somewhat detail what I do to take care of my skin.

I love coconut oil and during the cooler months use shea butter and coconut oil. I typically do not use lotion in the spring/summer months. In the event that I do use lotion, I use Cetaphil Daily moisturizer. I like to shower with shea butter body washes in the winter months and more of floral scents during the warmer months. 

Morning Routine 
1. Cleanse face with Cetaphil daily face wash.  
2. With a cotton ball apply witch hazel
3. Apply Trader Joes Nourish Moisturizer 

1. If I'm wearing makeup ( remove makeup with coconut )
2. Remove excess makeup with a fresh wash cloth
3. If not wearing makeup use daily face wash
4. Use cotton ball and apply Witch Hazel 
5. Mist face with rose water
6. Apply moisturizer
7. Apply Vitamin E oil (when I remember) 

Once or if I remember 
  • I really like to use the Origins Choral Mask weekly 
  • Exfoliate weekly with the tips of my fingers ( of course not the same day as the Origins mask) 
  • Weekly Homemade brown sugar lip scrub 
Oatmeal facial

Honestly, I'm not a beauty queen. These are the items that have been working for me. I will say that I have several products that I am testing out. I will post an update to my regimen once I have one.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your routine! I've always heard good things about Cetaphil. I must try it for myself.

  2. Nice, I am not a beauty queen either, but the oatmeal facial sounds interesting....


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