Traveling to the Bahamas (Part 1)

by - 4/19/2016 01:48:00 AM

My mini me was on Spring Break last week and since we didn't do anything special for his 13th birthday. I thought it would be pretty cool to go somewhere for his Spring Break. First, I had in mind going on a cruise. I just wanted to leave out of New York to not have to worry about our flights plus the only drawback was the cruise I had in mind was eight days which was too many days for me  and my baby to be away from the Mister. Since the cruise was going to the Bahamas I looked to see how much flights and hotels would be, which were around the same price as the cruise. Of course, the cruise was a better option since food was included. 

I opted to travel to the Bahamas and not going with the cruise. The only downside was most of the all inclusive Resorts were sold out with it being Spring Break...

I booked the trip a week prior to going. I read tons of reviews and blogs to try and get an idea of how we could make the best of our short trip. 

I stopped at my local Dollar Tree for snacks, travel items, and the clear travel size bottles to put my personal hygiene items in. 
 I really didn't have too much time to do a lot of planning/ discovering. 

Which was a good and a not so good thing, this was my first time traveling with just me and my mini me and I was super excited and scared at the same time. 

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