Vegetable Garden 2016?!

by - 4/16/2016 12:29:00 PM

Are you starting a garden this year? I started with a great start with planting my seeds. However, I slacked off a bit with watering them. Now I'm starting  all over. I was on Snapchat and Lynn posted about a sale that was happening at Homedepot. I noticed a similar sale last year and was able to purchase the soil for a great price. 

I was in the area of Home Depot and I stopped at the location while I was running errands. Honestly, people were at this particular Homedepot as if it was closing. 
They still had the miracle grow soil for $5 for $10 which was a great price. I also noticed they had  soil for $1.53. If you know me, you guessed right. I went for the $1.53 brand. I purchased six bags and the Mister stated that was not enough. 
So yes, I'll be heading back to my local store soon. Not sure what I'll be planting this year. 

Will you be starting a garden this year or continuing your garden tradition?

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  1. I honestly am considering a garden. I actually can't decide between a vegetable or floral garden.


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