My Trip To Ikea (My View)

by - 4/01/2016 08:35:00 AM

Today I had the opportunity to stop at my local IKEA. It feels like such a treat to stop at IKEA. Seeing how IKEA is close to an hour away from my home. I rarely get a chance to stop at the store. I am so in love with how the store is designed. I love how you can visually see how the items will look in your home. 

We are in need of investing in a good patio set. I'm not the outdoors type of person. But this was cute

It took a lot for me to leave these frosted jars at the store. How cute right?

I am in love with frosted doors too. We had one at our last hotel stay. 

I love how clean this bedding looks. 

How cute is the lighting in this room?

Simple but cute tablescape. 

I am in love with everything at this table. 

I love how clean this kitchen looks

Of course I concluded my trip with a sundae

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  1. I 💖 IKEA. I grew up in Germany, so when we got back stateside and saw that IKEA had followed us over, it was like going home. Luckily , we live about 20 minutes away. So some days I'll go there for lunch, and a Cinnamon Bun.

    Awesome recap. And yes , those kitchens are FAB 😊


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