Easter Happenings...

by - 3/30/2016 03:02:00 PM

So Easter has come and gone. We had so much fun at our Easter Dinner. The Mister and I made everything except for the ham (we do not eat pork). He was in charge of the meat, and I was in charge of the desserts and sides. I did not have the chance to finish the sweet potato pie on Sunday. Oh, how I wish we had double ovens. I did make it the next day. :). 

My mini-me also enjoyed his customized basket

 My nieces and nephews and son

My little cousin and nephew 

sidenote: Our home is getting power washed as soon as the weather gets warmer :)

The Mister also came up with the great idea of giving our guest parting gifts. Everyone went home with family pictures. 

(All pictures were captured with the Mister's T3i)

How was your Easter? 

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