My Wash Day Must Haves

by - 3/01/2016 05:42:00 AM

Hey, Everyone ( waves hands ). For about four years now. I haven't had a relaxer since ( the fall of 2010 was my last time getting a relaxer) I thought it would be pretty cool to share my "Must Haves"

Aloe Vera Juice- I use the Aleo Vera juice to detain glee my hair. I actually found out about using this product from a You Tuber and honestly. It was love at first wash. 

Trapical Traditions Coconut oil- Besides using coconut to cook and oil my body with. I use it to oil my scalp and hair. Coconut oil can also be used a a "pre poo".

Hello Hydration Conditoner: I primarily use this as a detangler, this product has really great "slip" and it smells great.

Kerakare Leave in- This product has been my day one since cosmetology school. 

Aussie 3 Minute Maricale moist. I found out about this product from another natural hair sister and it was love a first sight. 

Mizani 25 in 1 Leave in- I just started using this product for myself and my son.  I am still on the fence if I'll purchase it again.

Coco Tree Detangling Ghee- I purchase this Product at the start of my natural hair journey and it's worth worth every penny to me. This product leaves my hair so soft. 

Do you have a favorite " wash day" product. 

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