Mommy Style Monday: Spring Barbie

by - 3/28/2016 09:49:00 AM

Welcome to another one of my mommy style post. I was able to get the Mister to snap a couple of pictures of me. 

If you're wondering why I'm mean mugging in this picture. The Mister took a couple of pictures that just looked crazy. 

Most days I reach for my comfortable flats. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of pumps. They are just not me anymore on a daily basis. I wore heels while working for years and I like to pick and choose when and where I wear them. 

I purchased these flats from my local Target and they are the most comfortable ones I currently own. I was out running errands and honestly didn't put too much thought to my attire. 

Attire breakdown 
Blazer: Thrifted | Shoes: Target | Top: Thrifted | Jeans: Express | Bag: LV Neverfull | Jewelry: Tiffany's (gifted)

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