Dollar Tree Easter Basket In The Making

by - 3/26/2016 04:59:00 PM

I'm going, to be honest with you. I thought Easter this year was the first Sunday in April. Not sure why I made up my own date...
A couple of years ago I questioned the age limit for Easter Baskets seeing how my mini me just turned 13 this year. 
My answer was quickly answered by one of my Facebook friends. She stated that she still receives an Easter Basket as an adult. 

So yes, I don't have any plans on stopping our Easter Basket tradition. 

I decide to stop at a Dollar Tree on Thursday. If you follow me on SnapChat you were able to get a glance of the items I purchased for my mini. 

I was pleasantly surprised because honestly, this was one of the best Dollar Tree's in my area. I found so many age appropriate items for my son. 

I typically try my best to create his basket in something that can be reused in the future. I love all purpose buckets. I will use this one as a catch-all for all of the items in his room. 

I paid under $20 for everything. Seeing how I will have a couple of things left over. I plan on making a basket for my six-year nephew and possibly creating one to giveaway to one of my little cousins during Easter Dinner. (I have old mini baskets in my garage) I also used my Silhouette Machine to add a personalized touch. 

Anywho, Do you have any Easter Plans?  

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