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Not sure if I have a mommy brain sometimes or what. It's like my purchase can be a little black hole. Those days when I go shopping on a whim. I check my purse prior to going into the store to confirm that I have money and or cash on me. Once it's time to go to checkout. It's like I never seen my card at all. It's the most annoying feeling in the world when you're at the store and can't find your phone, money, and/or credit card because you just threw it in your purse after your last transaction instead of putting it in your pretty wallet. 

(me shaking and holding the case upside down with my ID and money inside)

I know I can not be only one that does this and I do not plan on spending my spring and summer with any extra baggage.
The jimmyCASE is the perfect solution for me. I can put my ID, some money and a credit card and I don't have to worry about carrying anything with me.
I also like that I have the option to carry in my purse if needed.

What I also like about the product that it's not a hassle to get your items out of it (i.e money, ID, credit card). I can not tell you how many times I've been asked for my id in the past and it was inside of my wallet in that little clear slot and it was such a hassle trying to get my ID out. I am so looking forward to carrying my time saver with me aka jimmyCASE. The quality of the case is amazing. I do not have to hassle looking for anything in my purse. I also love the color combinations they have.

Thanks again jimmyCASE for this amazing opportunity!

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I received the jimmyCASE for review purposes.  Thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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