Deep Fried Turkey?

by - 11/04/2011 06:56:00 AM

Fried turkey using a turkey deep fryer

Yesterday while looking for a particular item at Walmart. I saw a Turkey Fryer.

Butterball 8-Quart Electric Turkey Fryer, Blackvia

At first glance I thought of how I wanted to make a fried turkey for Thanksgiving this year. Mr. D and I have been discussing this since last Thanksgiving. Every year my family and I go the traditional route when I comes to preparing our turkey. Mainly due to scenes like this...


Well this year I am truly motivated! I actually had no idea butterball made deep fryers (okay, I could be really late about this). I usually always see the deep fryer that looks like a larger fish fryer.


I personally have never tried fried turkey. Everyone I know that I have tried it, has bragged about how delicious the turkey taste. We may start off with a smaller turkey seeing how we are most likely not having Thanksgiving at our home this year.

With all that said...

Does your family go the traditional route or does your family fry turkey?

~ Mrs. Delightful

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  1. We brought a turkey fryer a couple years ago and still have not used it. After finding out my youngest is allergic to peanuts i'm a bit nervous. Although she wont eat it just nervous. Maybe I can check to see if they have another oil to fry it in.

  2. I will be doing a repeat of the Herb and Salt Brined Turkey I tried for the first time last year... it was absolutely delicious!!! I will be sharing that post on my blog. Deep fried turkey is a main staple at my family dinner with cousins etc, its delicious! I'm sure you can make a delicious fried turkey.

  3. That sounds so dangerous - good luck!

  4. Megan:

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I am looking forward to the Herb and Salt Brined Turkey recipe!

    Help! Mama Remote...:

    I hope you able to find the right oil for your family.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  5. Turkey fryer...that would make things so much easier!

  6. Deep fried turkey is yummy, but I'm so afraid of a gas fire breaking out, that its a no go around our house.

    I always think of that All State commercial where the garage is on fire :(

  7. Mrs. Pancakes:

    A turkey fryer is the only way I would be able to fry a turkey.

    Mrs. Chic:

    I am so afraid of the gas fryers. I would only trust a turkey fryer.

    ~Mrs. Delightful


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