My Mommy Style Monday: Amazon Yellow V Neck Lantern Sleeve Chiffon Casual Blouse Keyhole Back

by - 9/13/2021 12:00:00 AM


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Happy Monday! The weather has been gorgeous in Connecticut, and I've been soaking up every inch of the sun. Over the weekend I spent time with family and attended a two-year-old princess-themed birthday party, and it really took me back to when my children were younger. Two years old is such a fun age, children's imaginations really run wild, and it's a lot of fun to be around... I also spent some time organizing my closet and putting away some of my summers clothes. Though I'm trying to hold on to every second of this warm weather. Whether I like it or not, fall/winter is right around the corner. 

How was your weekend? 

Attire Breakdown: 

Top: Amazon Jeans: Gap

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  1. This is a great top. The color is perfect for the fall.

  2. That is a cute top. I love the length s it would work with my black leggings.

  3. Looking good. It looks comfortable and perfect for the fall season.

  4. I love attending toddlers birthday party too. The themes are so adorable and toddlers are just so cute, right!?

  5. Such a great outfit. And I love the choice of color.

  6. That's such a cute blouse. It goes well with jeans! Perfect for the school run.

  7. Wow this is so fun! I would have never guessed it was from Amazon. I might order it myself!


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