Must-Haves for Family Game Night

by - 9/01/2021 12:00:00 AM

I love family game night, it's such a wonderful way to simply unplug from social media, and be present with your family. What I love about the family game night is that it can be formal or informal. We've had plenty of game nights in my home where I suggested family game night. It's also perfect for those cold winter months as well in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. Whether hosting family game night in your home is a weekly tradition or you simply would like to incorporate it more often. Below, I'm sharing my favorite family game night must-haves. 


I love that you can plan your family game night or have them on a whim. I prefer to have our family game nights scheduled. I try my best to not have them the same weekday each time to give everyone a chance to do what they love. i.e having a game night every Friday. I try my best to rotate the days. When the kiddos were younger the day really didn't matter so much. I try to have them planned for the year. However, of course, we get invited to events, and typically we arrange our schedule so we can still make it and have our family game night an alternative day. Also, During the winter months our family game nights increase. Especially if we know in advance that we're going to have a snowstorm and the state is going to close. Which is the perfect way for us to be snowed in!


I love creating different themes for our family game nights at home. I love having using the holidays surrounding that month to base the theme on. i.e Valentine's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It's so much fun creating and decorating around our themes. I love creating a theme during the summer months and utilizing our outdoor space. What I also love about creating themes is creating the prizes that go along with them. Of course, creating prizes is optional. However, my family does love getting a break from the chores. 


I meet so many people that don't have family game night at home because they are under the impression that you have to own a ton of games to make this happen for your family. Use your imagination! You can easily create games with the items that you have on your own. Have an old tree stump? Turn it to an outdoor tic tac toe game with paint and rocks. You can also create “minute to win it” games with items you have around your home. The possibilities are endless!  Don't forget that you may have the option to borrow games from friends and family as well. Use the resources that you have.


Me being the foodie that I am. I love planning our menu for the family game night at home. We've tried many different foods to have during our game nights. This is the perfect opportunity to include your family in the process, you can alternate meal suggestions and meal ideas. You can also do themes or even just appetizers. 

Do you have family game night at home?

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  1. I completely agree with these. I especially like games and food. We always make sure to have those.

  2. I totally agree with this. Starting this culture with my new family and can't wait to use this template

  3. We love family game night. It's a great way to get everyone off their devices!

  4. We love our family game nights and it's really a fun way of bonding.

  5. We love having game night. we have usually dinner, games and then a movie to end with a blast


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