My 2021 Fall Bucket List

by - 9/22/2021 12:00:00 AM

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Happy First day of fall! I can't believe how fast summer went by. As the saying goes time flies when you're having fun! Below, I'm sharing my 2021 Fall Bucket List. 

My 2021 Fall Bucket List 

Finish One Book
Last year I got back into the habit of audiobooks. Though, I'm not where I want to be. I'm super excited about checking this goal off my list.

Find Elderberries
If you're new to my blog. I love the elderberry syrup. I had no idea that it was actually native to my state. I'm on the hunt to forage elderberry and make some yummy items with it.

Day Trip
I would like to take a day trip or even visit a new place in Connecticut. We have so many amazing sights.

Farmers Market
Though we have a farmers market in my town. I would love to actually venture off, and explore new ones in my state.

Lunch With A View
One of the things that I really would like to do before it gets cold is to enjoy a beautiful lunch with a view. As a busy mom, I hardly make time for myself with these types of things.


I would love to bake something new and exciting. I still haven't created a vegan apple crisp recipe. Drooling over the thought of making it.

DIY Fall Mini-Photo Shoot
I live next to one of the prettiest parks in the fall. It would be nice once the leaves change colors to have a photoshoot. I plan on having a DIY photoshoot and bringing my tripod with me.

Apple Orchard
I haven't been to the apple orchard in a couple of years. I'm actually really excited to go and explore the apple orchard by myself. The orchard that I like visiting has a market as well. It would be nice to actually explore inside and enjoy some cider.

Do you have or plan on creating a fall bucket list?


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  1. Fall is a good time to take stock in your life because the season is beginning. I never had elderberries so I hope I can find some

  2. Sounds great! I have made recipes with elderberries, but have never picked them myself. You'll have to let us know if you find some.

  3. These are some of my goals too. I'll definitely bake something fall inspired this day.

  4. Love your list. It's not too late to start making mine too!

  5. I love the idea of a fall bucket list. I'd definitely put on my list farmer's market and fall photo shoot. What a great idea

  6. What a lovely list of things you want to do - I love a good farmers market myself always interesting to see what you might get.

  7. That's a great bucket list. I've never heard of elderberries, but I'm enjoying Baking in fall.

  8. I am such a fans of Fall. I also have a bucket list each year. Last year was limited, but this is i will certainly take more day trips and visit the nearby apple orchard.

  9. I have a lot of things I would like to do this fall. I may have to create a bucket list, too. Thanks for the idea. -LYNNDEE

  10. I have quite a number of activities planned this weekend and top of which photoshoot with the beautiful colors


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