Tips to Stay Healthy and Boost Your Immune Function

by - 8/27/2021 10:00:00 AM

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As the seasons change, it’s so important to stay on top of your health. Your immune system plays a major role in ensuring that you stay healthy. Your immune system is your front-line defense from diseases, infections, and of course sickness. By simply adding a few healthy habits to your daily routines, you can make sure that you’re doing your part with boosting your immune system and keeping yourself healthy. Below, I’m sharing Tips to Stay Healthy and Boost Your Immune Function. 

Get Adequate Sleep


I know as an adult getting eight hours of sleep may sound like a luxury, however, ensuring that you get adequate sleep is so important with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and immune function. Creating a nighttime routine really simplifies the process, and staying on task to make sure that you’re in bed, and settling for a good night's rest. Prior to going to sleep I leave a notepad on my nightstand and use it as a “brain dump” for everything that needs to get the following morning or that week. It’s such a great way to have peace of mind, instead of thinking and trying to remember and stressing about what you need to get done.


Immune Supplement

I’m so happy that I started to include Garlique Healthy Immune Support into my daily routines. I typically take Garlique in the morning with my breakfast. Garlique formula is different from other immune support formulations. It has a unique formulation of garlic and an antioxidant-rich blend of vitamins and minerals. I love that it’s odor-free and taste-free, supports my natural immune defenses, and promotes immune health. Plus, it’s Gluten Free, Soy Free, Vegetarian Friendly, and has Non-GMO.



Staying Active

Whether you go to the gym daily, take the stairs at work, or park further away at the shopping center. It’s so important to stay active and work out daily. It really doesn’t matter how you start, it’s more important that you start and stay consistent. Create realistic goals for yourself with rewards attached to them. For example, if you work out daily for a week you’ll treat yourself to new workout gear or a special dinner.


Healthy Routines

As an adult having structure and routines are so important, and this plays a major role in staying healthy. A part of my healthy routine is having a glass of water when I wake up and right before bed. A part of my healthy night routine is that I take my Garlique in the mornings, I place my Garlique in my pill organizer to make sure that I take it daily, which really helps me cut down on worrying if I took my supplements.





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  1. You got some great stuff. I might have to try the Garlique! I love garlic.

  2. Garlic is good for immunity. This looks like an easy way to take garlic without the bad breath.

  3. We love using a generous amount of garlic in our food because we know how healthy it is. It would also be great in the form of a food supplement.

  4. Thanks for sharing this brand...I love taking garlic supplement since we can't have that much garlic in a single meal.

  5. I really believe staying active has helped my immune system.

  6. This sounds so much easier then making sure you eat fresh garlic often.

  7. These are certainly great ideas. I try to stay healthy as much as I can. I love how great garlic can be for you.

  8. A healthy routine is exactly what we need! I love to get old in a healthy way!

  9. I am always trying to help boost my immune system. These are great strategies and those products sound great. It's such an important time to focus on health.

  10. Yes I need to check it out Garlique. Yes Immune system needs to boost as still rates are climbing now here.

  11. Thanks for sharing! Staying healthy is very important!

  12. Taking care of ourselves especially our health is really important. Boosting our immune system should be given priority too. I'll check this out and add it up to my vitamins.

  13. Garlic is good for hypertension, I have a former office mate who used to chew garlic everyday to lower his blood pressure.

  14. Yes, I couldn't agree more! These are indeed great tips to stay healthy and fit :) I'll check out Garlique supplements.

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