Back-To-School Organization Tips

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As my son is getting older, I've noticed a common theme, it's so important to be organized, not only are you leading by example with your children, it really does just simplify the school process. Imagine having all of your children's early dismissals and school breaks planned out? Imagine when it's time to book appointments for your kiddos you have everything on your family's calendar. It's possible, it just takes a little organizing. Below, I'm sharing a few Back-To-School Organization Tips.
Review School Calendar
Add all dates to your planner and/or phone. Typically stay away from solely relying on my phone for important events. I typically will add things to my phone and my planner to ensure that I have the information in multiple areas.

Batch create and/or freezer cook after-school meals in advance- My teenager pretty much acts as if he is starving every day after school. I typically will have his meals created prior to him arriving home. I love the idea of having simple snacks like the list below.
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Leftovers if possible
  • Sandwich
  • Batch spaghetti and meatballs or ziti
I love creating a variety of meals and freezing them and taking them out the day or the night before.

Create a Mommy School folder
I'm not sure what year I decided to do this. However, I have a little office area in my living room and I have a folder designated to any important documents from his school. This year, I'm using a bright green folder to ensure that it's not missed on my not-to-clean desk.

Chore List
I found some really cool magnets at the Dollar Tree. Prior to school ending, we implemented in our home this idea. Every day the magnets are moved to the left side. Once an item is completed the magnet is moved to the right side and is reviewed by myself to ensure that it was completed. I love this idea. Because it's paperless. I do not have to rely on an app and it is something that my son sees every day prior to leaving.

Batch Iron
I've been doing this pretty much all of my son's life. We did go through that stage where he felt as if he was old enough to do it himself. Which was cool. However, lately or at least prior to last school year ending. I started back just ironing about ten outfits for him to wear during the week. If he decides to wear the clothing cool. If he decides to wear something else, that's fine as well. I typically do this for myself as well. I really dislike running around trying to find stuff to wear when I have to go somewhere. I typically iron 7 to 14 outfits for him. Weekly or bi-weekly.

Do you have any Back to school organization tips?

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