My Mommy Style Monday: Amazon Casual V Neck Short Sleeve Criss Cross Blouse

by - 8/16/2021 12:00:00 AM

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The weather has offically cooled down on Sunday after the heatwave we had for most of the week. Though, I'm not compiaing because fall/winter will be fast approaching in Conntectucut. If you noticed, I haven't posted about my garden. At some point I plan on sharing an update, however I started all of my plants from seeds and I'm having a slow start. I don't believe I have one pepper plant, everytime I transfer my seelings something eats them, I'm going to continue to try. But something has been snacking on the plants in my garden, I was so hopeful about having my very own pumpkins, and I no longer see the baby plants. I even tried loafs for the first time this year... Even with the heat, my garden just seems so behind. Again, at some point I'll post a garden update... Anywho...

How was your weekend?

Attire Breakdown 

Top: Amazon Pants: FemmeLuxe Shoes: Target


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  1. This is a fabulous look! I am all about casual. I need to head to Amazon.

  2. Our weather is still warm during the day. So I am still wearing shorts but this top would be perfect in a couple of months

  3. I love this outfit. Could be worn to a casual gathering or just lounging around at home. I would wear this and it looks great on you as always!

  4. Richelle Escat MilarAugust 16, 2021 at 7:53 PM

    This outfit is always my style! It's comfy and casual. I love the criss-cross style of your blouse too.

  5. I love that top. But I'd prefer to wear it with skirt or short since it's very hot here in Philippines.

  6. It's starting to warm here also. Nice outfit girl. You looked great!

  7. Beautiful, light, and casual. It's perfect for all busy moms out there.

  8. This casual V neck blouse might look like a simple top but you made it classy dear!

  9. You look gorgeous. I will wear the top with a short. Thats how hot it is here

  10. Great outfit! I've been wearing my basic tee, denim shorts and flip flops this summer. I'm enjoying them while I still can. -LYNNDEE


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