40+ Ways You Can Save Up To $1000 This Year

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Though I do not consider myself a financial expert, I've learned a lot of savvy ways to save throughout the years. My biggest advice is to start slow, you will not be able to chase every deal. Make sure to do what makes sense for you and your family. Also, know that a lot of deals come back around, and start slow. 

40+ Ways You Can Save Up To $1000 This Year

  • Monthly free books
  • Amazon Music
  • Prime TV
  • Credits when you don’t do two-day shipping
  • Memberships pay for themselves. Because you’re not spending more to get free shipping.

Buying Cycle

It’s very important to know the best times to buy certain electronics, appliances, and home furniture. (consumer report.com) I've found awesome deals during the holidays, summer months, and of course Black Friday. 


  • Costco Travel (overall has the best rates, make sure to use eBates prior to checkout) Typically Costco will have bonuses that will make the offer better than other sites. 
  • Delete cookies prior to doing your search online each prior to visiting the sites.
  • Kiwi- This app is great for showing you the best time to book your flight for travel.
  • Expedia is a great resource, and you can also earn rewards for being a member.
  • Hotel is a great resource for last-minute hotel deals. 
  • AAA offers discounts at a ton of hotels, always make sure to compare the rates from the hotel site first. 

Stop buying to just buy

I know I love a good sale. However, if you stop buying stuff because it’s a good price you will really save yourself a ton of money in the long run. 


Groupon and Living Social to get discounted rates on activities or restaurants. Try to avoid email updates just to avoid spending more money. Only shop when you actually want to purchase something. A lot of stores offer gift cards when purchasing them through the stores (i.e. Bj's and Walgreens) these are discounts typically for chain restaurants. A lot of people also purchase gift cards for Disney as well. 


Buy books from your local library. If you go online it is easier to buy books from different libraries if your library doesn’t have the book. Some libraries have budgets to purchase books that residents want to read. 


  • Tires-Make sure your tires have the appropriate amount of air in them.
  • Speed limit- Once you go over 60 mph you burn more gas.
  • When to pump gas?-Early in the morning. Try to avoid pumping gas when the gas is being filled. 
  • Use the app Gas Buddy to check rates
  • A lot of grocery stores like Bj's offers gas discounts, this is a wonderful time to stock up on your every day buys, and save at the same time. 

Save on Home Energy Costs

Unplug items you’re not using-Having electronics plugged in a wall still, uses energy. when not using the electronics unplug them.

Laptop vs Desktop

I know for some people you may have a preference when completing work. However, reach for your laptop instead of your desktop. A desktop computer uses more electricity.  


Make your own Laundry detergent-I started making my own Laundry detergent for several years now and it has saved me a ton of money. (You also might want to check out this post here)


  • Air-dry dishes instead of using the dryer on your dishwasher
  • Try to avoid using cheap dishwashing liquid that will end up costing you more in the long run because you’re using more of the product. Dawn is one of my favorite affordable dish soaps. 


Knowing when to wash/dry your clothing and run your dishwasher. Most electric companies have different rates for different times of the day. For example, the best time for me to run my large appliances is Monday-Friday 7 pm -7 am. Do a quick Google search to see when the best time is with your energy provider. 

  • Wash your clothing in cold water.
  • Air dry your clothing whenever possible. 
  • Add tennis balls (or purchase the dryer balls) helps the clothing dry a lot faster. 

App Love

Receipt Pal-With this app you’re able to scan receipts to your phone and earn points which in return you can earn money or gift cards.

Rakuten (for in-store and shopping online)
Shop at Home-Shop at home is similar to Rakuten however, check the percentage off daily to see which will be the best choice for that day. 
Top Cash Back- Top Cash Back is similar to Rakuten and Shop at Home. However, they all typically vary with the amount that they are giving back. 

Target Cartwheel

When shopping at Target always have your cartwheel app handy. You do not have to worry about clipping coupons. You can also use the extension Honey to assist with shopping online to apply the best coupon code that’s available. You can always do a google search on your own. Target also offers random coupons, via mailers and through their app as well. 

TV Shows/Movies

Prime Movie 

(Some cell phone providers offer free streaming services. )

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  7. Deleting your cookies before visiting the sites is such a smart idea that I had never even considered.

  8. There really are some simple ways here to make changes to save money!


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