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by - 3/16/2021 12:00:00 AM

I remember it like it was yesterday the day that I applied for my passport. I placed my application for my passport and waited for my passport to return in the mail. I remember how amazing it felt to have this key to explore the world in my hand. Though you don’t need a passport to travel it was my key to be able to travel to places that I’ve always dreamed of. You see growing up my parents only traveled in driving distance locations and I believe the farthest they went was to DC. As a child, we didn’t go on family vacations and pretty much did road trips.

It wasn’t until I became a mom and went on the first trip that I realized how important it was to travel and to educate myself on various cultures, cities, and demographics. It’s been a year since the last time I went on vacation and boy do I miss traveling so much. I haven’t even driven to New York and it’s actually one of my favorite cities to visit. Like most people, I’ve just been social distancing.

I remember my first time on a plane I believe it was to Florida and it was one of the most amazing vacations ever. You see it was my first time in Florida and it was the winter months and all I can remember is being in all how warm it was especially coming from a colder State. I remember driving in my rental car and just smelling the aroma of the orange trees. I could literally smell the scent through the car window. At that very moment, my life changed. I knew I would not be the same. I knew life for me wouldn’t be the same. I’ve been to so many different places and have been able to immerse myself in so many different cultures. From traveling with my son to Columbia to going or my first solo trip to Puerto Rico. Traveling is a part of me traveling is me and it’s something that is truly dearly missed. But I wanted to take a moment to share what I miss about traveling.

I have tried so many amazing foods while traveling and honestly, I wish I could say I had a favorite but I try so much that I can’t even just think of one. I truly miss trying different foods while traveling and I missed just meeting people at the restaurants, the servers, the owners of the restaurant's other customers. It has truly been a memorable experience. Thinking of my last trip on a cruise to try the different foods on the cruise is just such an amazing experience so yes I miss the food. I miss the freshness of the food, I miss how authentic the meals are. I miss the dining experience. I miss trying new foods for the first time, and being in all.

Immersing Myself in the Culture

Immersing myself in the culture has to be one of the favorite things. While I’m writing this I’m thinking about my first trip out of the country to Jamaica. And just walking with family through the market and purchasing fresh seasonings and just looking around and just seeing how everything was just so different everything was just so new it’s like you see the stuff on TV but to be there and to be a part of the culture was just such an amazing experience I remember having porridge in Jamaica in the morning time from like a food truck and he was the best porridge I ever had it was so good.

During my trip to Columbia, we went to the downtown area and it was just so amazing. I remember seeing the kids come from school and just going to the grocery store to purchase coffee and just walk around the grocery store and just to engage with people. It was such a memorable experience.

I dearly miss the hotels. I miss the soaking tubs. I miss having a view of the ocean from my bedroom. Thinking about my trip to Fort Lauderdale for my birthday a few years back and how the view from my room was just breathtaking. Thinking about my first trip to the Bahamas with my son and how the ocean view from our room is just amazing I’ve never seen water that color before and it was just such a memorable experience. Thinking about my first trip to Mexico, how much the Jacuzzi tub had a view of the beach from my room. I dearly miss the hotels. I miss the sweet staff there. I miss the hospitality and I simply just miss the experience.

I am truly that adventurer when I’m traveling reminiscing about my trip to London how everyone had jet lag and how I was trying to really take a vantage of every second every hour that I was there. I remember just waking up and getting the only thing on my schedule was to explore as much as I can in a day. I remember during my trip to London I got on the wrong double Decker bus and honestly, I should’ve been freaked out but the scenery was just simply amazing. I literally stayed on the bus until we got to the bus transfer station and it was just such an amazing experience I was able to sightsee. I mean honestly, it was probably one of my most memorable experiences traveling. Thinking about my trip to California and visiting the zoo and walking from my Airbnb to the zoo how crazy and funny was all at the same time.

Though I haven’t traveled in over a year I truly have so many memories that I’m super thankful for perhaps I’ll do a part two but until then I would love to hear what you miss most about traveling?

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  1. There is nothing like a good breakfast in a hotel. So easy and so much fun to wake up to. i can not wait until my next trip.

  2. Same! I hope things have improved so we can travel over the summer. We have some trips booked!

  3. I miss so may things about traveling. THe food and relaxing in hot tub are the 2 big ones for me.

  4. I completely understand. The food in all the different cities and countries is what I miss.

  5. I missed the foods too. And of course the scenery. Great article.

  6. I miss getting out of my comfort zone and home routine and just living in the new environment, immersing myself with the culture and having a fantastic time with my husband. Oh and eating delicious (hopefully) food!

  7. Hopefully, people will be able to start traveling soon. I would love to visit the beach again!

  8. I completely agree as well. I really miss the amazing food and all the scenery. I can't wait to go on vacation again.

  9. Mama Maggie's KitchenMarch 17, 2021 at 9:07 PM

    I miss these things, too! I would really love to go back travelling again but not for now. Safety is more important.

  10. Yeah, me too! I'm missing even dining out. With those new covid variants I don't think we can already go out ��


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