Must-Know Tips for a No-Spend Grocery Challenge

by - 3/02/2021 12:00:00 AM

I have to be honest, and I’ve been slacking on grocery shopping. I pretty much created this challenge to keep myself accountable. If you want to join feel free or simply want some tips on how you can be more resourceful, I’m sharing some helpful tips below. 

Must-Know Tips for a No-Spend Grocery Challenge 

Learn substitutions 
Learn substitutions for your easy day meals, also learn how to make your own items. It’s super easy to make your own buttermilk and BBQ sauce at home. I’ve used sparkling water to make pizza dough, and it was a game-changer. 

Make the right amount and/or eat your leftovers, you can turn roasted chicken leftovers into a pot pie, chicken soup, and alfredo. 

What You Have
Use everything you can prior to running to the store, use everything you can (food-related). 

Be Creative
Creativity is key Google and Pinterest will become your best friend. Be creative, and think outside of the box. 

Meal Plan 
Meal planning has been a game-changer for my family. In the past, I would meal plan once a week. Based on the items I had on hand. 

Do you have any tips?

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  1. I am trying to meal plan more. But we are terrible with leftovers. No one here really likes them.

  2. Shopping at the grocery store might be my largest bill for the month. Your tips are different and very helpful

  3. I love doing this kind of challenge. We have been saving a lot at the grocery store this year as my kids get free meals from their school that includes 7 days of breakfast and lunch. Then my husband runs the church food pantry and we get the extra food that is perishable.

  4. Seems like a fun challenge and will teach me thing along the way. My grocery bill is one of my biggest, expensive, and longest receipts every month. Thanks for informing!

  5. I've never managed to get myself organised enough to meal plan. It's more a decide at each meal what to have kind of thing here. The challenge sounds great. I have enough at home to go a week without buying anything I think.


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