8 Must-Know Tips to Save on Your Light Bill

by - 3/09/2021 12:00:00 AM

I'm always looking for ways to save on my light bill, though it would be a great idea to share with I'm doing to save on a regular basis. These tips are super simple to implement, and you can acutally start working on them today to start saving money. 

 8 Must-Know Tips to Save on Your Light Bill

Wash During Off-Peak Times

Most companies have off-peak times where your rate is lower during off-peak times. Contact your local provider to see if they off these rates.

Replace bulbs with more energy-efficient ones

You can find energy-efficient light bulbs pretty much anywhere. Do your due diligence, and purchase ones that will work best for your home.

Air dry your clothing

I love doing this during the warmer months. This is actually something that I looked forward to doing once I became a homeowner. You can purchase the material from your local hardware store or Walmart.

Turn off unneeded lights

I always have unneeded light off. This is so second nature to me. My family is probably a little annoyed by now.

Wash Full Loads

I was full loads whenever possible, and I teach my teen to do the same as well. Now, I mostly have set days in which I do the laundry.

Full Refrigerator 

The less full your refrigerator is the more electricity it takes. Due to meal planning, I do a pretty good job at this.

Unplug Appliances Not Being Used

I unplug, any appliance in my home when it's not being used. Again, my family is a little annoyed by this, however, it really has become second nature, and it is also saving us on our light bill.

Purchase Energy-efficient Appliances

Just because an appliance is a great price doesn't mean that it's energy-efficient. Most appliances nowadays have labels on them sharing how much energy you'll save.

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  1. These are perfect for my husband who is the designated light monitor in our family. It is so smart not to waste money if you do not have to.

  2. I will keep these in mind. I always love to save when I can. I always wait to wash in the evenings!

  3. I had no idea that how stocked your refrigerator is makes a difference in your electric bill.

  4. We definitely need to get energy saving light bulbs and I also never thought of the fridge thing! Makes sense though.

  5. Thanks for reminding. I will follow all these tips to save some electric ity.

  6. Some Electric companies also have different budget billing plans, where they bill the averaged amount from your use, over the past year. These are all great tips! Another tip is try putting heat at 65-degrees Fahrenheit during winter, and no lower than 74 degrees Fahrenheit for A/C, in warmer weather.

  7. These are really great ideas to save up. I will keep them in mind for sure.

  8. I am all about saving money, whenever I can. I love these easy to implement tips.

  9. These are great tips. It's always welcome to safe some energy. We spend less and a do a good thing for our Planet!


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