My Mommy Style Monday: Tan Jacket & Boots

by - 2/22/2021 12:00:00 AM

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Happy Monday! I can’t believe how fast this month is flying by. This upcoming weekend is my son's 18th Birthday which is truly bittersweet. It really feels like yesterday he was born. Now he’s going to be18, boy time really does fly by…

Sunday, I started my Vegetable garden indoors, this is my first time starting this early. I still have so much to learn about starting so early indoors. In the past, I wasn’t consistent, and at times would totally forget about my plants. Especially starting so early on. I plan to share with you guys this journey of course. If you remember, last year I didn’t plan on starting a garden, and I started my pepper plants really late. I guess you can actually save the plants to continue growing the next season, however, I left the pepper plants outside and we got our first frost. So here I am, starting all over again, and I’m super excited about the process.

Attire Breakdown

Jacket: Thrifted Top: Ann Taylor Jeans: GAP Boots: Amazon Bracelet: Amazon

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  1. These are such fantastic colors. I really like those boots!

  2. You are as cute as can be! I love the neutral color combo. It’s a clean, timeless look.

    Good luck on that veggie garden too ;)

  3. I love how you match it. That's looks so great on you

  4. This is a really cute look. I love the boots; they match the jacket perfectly!

  5. I love those boots. They are very comfy but good looking!

  6. I love this style a lot. I would definitely wear something like this too. It's a wonderful style. I really like the boots.

  7. That is a really nice outfit. It looks stylish and comfortable at the same time.

  8. It's really cute. You're lucky the weather is warm enough for a lighter jacket. Hurrah Spring is coming.


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