How to Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Single

by - 2/14/2021 12:00:00 AM

First, I would like to start off by saying Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. Something about the day is just so magical. All of the hearts and candy, and roses. What can a girl ask for more?! I wanted to share a few suggestions of what you can possibly do for all my single ladies to still have the ultimate experience and day. 

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Single

Solo Date

Why not take yourself on a date to your favorite restaurant. I would suggest calling in advance to have a reservation.


Whether you're going out for the day or not. Whether or not you decide to leave your home. Something about looking your best really changes one's entire mood.


Why not purchase your favorite bouquet or flower. Check out your local nursery, online shops, and wholesale clubs.

Sleep In

If you can, simply sleep in, and enjoy your own company.


Binge-watch your favorite TV shows, why not. You deserve it!

Spa Day

Create the ultimate at-home spa day for yourself.


Create the ultimate brunch for yourself.


Take some time to indulge in your favorite book or treat yourself to a new read.


Yup, treat yourself to something nice.


Enjoy this last year being single on Valentine's Day. Live it up, this time next year you're going to be in a relationship.

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  1. Those are definitely fun things to do on Valentine's Day when you're single. Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day. -LYNNDEE

  2. Binge watch tv gets my votes. I rarely get to do that. An ultimate brunch also sounds pretty fab!!!

  3. I think these are all amazing ideas. I'm not single, but I love the idea of a spa day. That would be so relaxing.

  4. Great ideas, they are also good to celebrate my upcoming birthday. The spa day is a wonderful idea

  5. Mama Maggie's KitchenFebruary 18, 2021 at 3:32 AM

    These are nice ideas that you can do for yourself. Pampering yourself is a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing this.


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