Our Day Trip Recap + A Guide to Hampshire County Massachusetts: Where to Eat, Shop, and Play!

by - 10/23/2018 12:00:00 AM

This is a sponsored post. I was hosted by Hampshire County Massachusetts 

This past weekend the Mister and decided to head to one of our favorite neighboring states.
! I could not have asked for better weather. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I took you along with us during our amazing adventure. We started our day off with brunch at this amazing restaurant and concluded our evening with dinner. With lots of fun and lite bites in between. It was so much fun exploring downtown North Hampton and enjoying the breathtaking views from the vineyard. Recapping on our amazing adventure below.


The Ultimate brunch experience. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast from their French toast with Blueberries, chocolate chips, to the coffee. This is one of the best breakfast spots restaurant that we’ve been to. If you're planning a trip to Hampshire County Massachusetts, you have to stop Jake's Resturant for Brunch.

Downtown North Hampton

Shopping at Downtown North Hampton was steps away from Jake’s Restaurant housing tons of small owned businesses and shops. Some of my favorites were and enjoy a snack on your own PINCH, Essentials, Belly of the Beast, and Tart Baking Co.

Tart Baking Co

Wine Tour & Tasting 

We then ventured off to an Estate tour and wine tasting at Glendale Ridge Vineyard. We learned so much about making wine. We met with the owner and the winemaker who was super knowledgeable. The views at Glendale Ridge Vineyard were simply breathtaking. I love that they have a wine club and host events onsite. How cool is that?!

Smith College Museum of Art 

We ventured off to the Smith College Museum of Art. I could have spent all day at this museum. I actually can’t wait to schedule another visit. On the 1st floor, they have rotating exhibitions. Can’t wait to see what they have coming next. I love how they have each floor categories. We started on the first floor and concluded our visit on the lower level.

Shopping at Thornes Market Place

Thornes Marketplace is 55,000 square foot of a shoppers paradise. Every detail of this contemporary shopping center has an old world charm from the pressed tin ceilings, hardwood floors to their staircases,
They pretty much have everything that you could think of and then some. Two of my favorite stores were the ASSEMBLE ( a playground for vintage lovers. They have so many unique pieces ) and Cedar Chest. I wish I had a Cedar Chest in my state. They just had everything.

Dinner at Eastside Grill

We concluded our evening at Eastside Grill. I honestly, could not have thought of a better way to conclude our evening. I love how spacious this restaurant is, and how they also have a bar area which is a major bonus during baseball, basketball, and football season. Everything we ordered was delicious. From their gorgonzola spinach dip to the pumpkin cheesecake. So Yummy! I honestly, could not have thought of a better way to conclude our evening.

Whether you're looking for the perfect romantic getaway or your next family-friendly day trip destination. Make sure to visit Hampshire County, the other side of Massachusetts.

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  1. I have never been to NH before but now I almost feel like I don't need to - ha! That being said, I actually think I do, especially in FALL because um, I KNOWWWWWWW fall weather is a thing over there!

  2. Girl you had me at that french toast. I need to make my way up there!

  3. Wow that was a ton of photos from your trip. We have never been out east yet but it is on our list and now we will know where to stay, eat and shop.

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    1. It is nice to find a quaint town like thisa short drive away. The food looked so tasty and the wine tasting is always fun.

  5. Oh yum, your food photos have made me hungry. I would love to explore this area! I'm in Texas and I really want to get over to New Hampshire soon.

  6. The fall leaves are so pretty. Ours are just beginning to turn in our area. I need to put Tart Baking Co. on our list of must visit places.

  7. OOO! It is on my bucket list to come there during fall. I will have to eat at Jakes. That looked incredible.

  8. I've never been to Mass, but I've heard it's beautiful. If we do happen to go, we'll know where to eat! Thanks!

  9. This looks like a great place to visit! It seems to have the perfect mix of city attractions and beautiful nature. Also, that brunch is making me hungry!

  10. Wow, so many amazing pictures! I absolutely love Massachusetts. I lived in Maine for a year, and we used to take day trips down all the time. I also spent a week there for vacation when I was 16. It's one of my favorite states to visit!

  11. Such a quaint city! I have never been to Massachusetts but would love too! Your images make me feel like I took a trip with y'all.

  12. I LOVE the look of the downtown area. Looks quaint and cute! And a great place to take photos :)

  13. It looks like you had quite the trip. The food alone looks amazing, but I love finding unique things in little shops in downtown stores. That's my kind of weekend.

  14. Wow so many places to visit! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I've only ever been to Boston, would love to go back to MA!

  15. Gosh, what a great place to visit and the food....WOW! I love all your photo, I guess I need to add Massachusetts to my travel list. Maybe a nice Anniversary trip for us!

  16. Wow I had no idea there was so much to do here. Loving your guide and recap of the trip, looks like a lovely place to sit back and relax or go out adventuring.

  17. I absolutely LOVE that area! My boyfriend is from Connecticut and we drove to the surrounding states last time and I fell in love with it. Next time we go - I'm checking out your recommendations

  18. Please note that the Massachusetts city you visited is Northampton, NOT North Hampton. The later can be found in New Hampshire.

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