6 Ways To Be More Environmentally Friendly Year Around

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I'm always trying to think of ways that I can be environmentally friendly. However, it feels like I've never had this discussion on the blog. I feel like every day we can take steps to assist with the greater good of Earth. Today I'm sharing Six Ways To Be More Environmentally Friendly Year Around

Shop consignment 

There are so many consignment shops out there. With a quick google search, you can find those closest to you. I think that the biggest misconception with shopping consignment that all of the clothing is used and that all of the clothing is extremely worn. This is so far from the case. Most consignment stores only accept gently used items. I've found so many amazing pieces as low as $1. You're saving money and you're saving clothing from going into landfills.

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Use Paper-Less 

One of the first steps that you can take is going paperless with your bills. This is something that I still struggle with. However, I'm getting better at it. I also try my best to use digital coupons instead of printing them at home (when stores allow it.) I know most craft stores will allow you to pull up the coupon on your phone. It's super simple and it saves a ton of paper. Also use reusable mug/travel mug to decrease the number of paper products that you're using.


I think we forget how much stuff we can actually recycle. Look for the recycle symbol on most items to ensure that you can recycle it. For the most part, you can recycle cans, cardboard, cartons, newspapers, cereal boxes etc. In the event that you're not sure, do a quick google search.

Use Reusable Bags vs Plastic

With stores like Target, Trader Joes and Whole Foods giving you money for using reusable bags. Why not?! You help the environment and getting money back for doing so. I typically leave reusable bags in my car and I leave a couple at home in the event that I need them if I'm going shopping with my sister. There are so many different styles of reusable bags. Some even can attach your keys and purse.

Save Money on Energy at Home

I wrote a post on how to save money at home on Laundry. However, you can easily save money not having every light on in your home that is not being used. Ensuring that you're using only energy efficient bulbs. Purchasing energy efficient products/appliances. Washing clothes and dishes when you have a full load. Allowing your dishes and clothes to air dry.

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Compost Pile/ Bin

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about composting is that you have to have this huge space to do so. If you have a flower or vegetable garden you can easily sprinkle your eggshells in the garden. Instead of throwing your banana peels away. Place them in your garden. Throw your coffee grinds in your garden. Start off small and start off somewhere. You can eventually invest in a composting bin.

Do you have any environmentally friendly tips?

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  1. We do all of these things. We don't use as many paper towels or napkins since we started using cloth napkins and I made some cloth paper towels.

  2. I try to do a lot of these! I do have plastic bags, but I re-use them when I do the cat box or for smaller trash cans. We recently switched all our bulbs to energy efficient ones!

  3. We have been trying to be more mindful, and I've finally started remembering to bring my reusable bags with me grocery shopping! We do use cloth napkins as well.

  4. I am trying very hard to become paperless on just about everything! We do recycle and I reuse the plastic bags I get. Great ideas here to become even more green!

  5. We recycle so much that we have 2 giant recycle bins. I have a compost bin but we don't use it as much as we used to. Especially since we haven't planted anything in the garden this season.

  6. Recycling is mandatory in our town. I keep curtains closed during the summer and open longer during the winter, it helps with heating and cooling.

  7. These are great tips. We work hard to try and live as green as we can. Sometimes it can be a struggle, but feel it is worth it.

  8. I think going paperless is such a great and easy way to go green. And not to mention, it means less of a chance of losing your bills and having an electronic archive of them!

  9. It's just my husband, our cat, and I at home so it's really easy to save energy especially when we're both at work. I think going paperless is a great way to also reduce clutter. These are awesome solutions!

  10. It's really important to make recycling a habit. It also helps to use reusable items instead of disposable items.

  11. I recycle a lot especially plastic and bottle containers instead of throwing them out. Like you, I also still have paper bills, can't get rid of all of them.

  12. I am very conscious about my environmental impact. This is so great to read!

  13. I am so glad I found this. I have been looking for some ways to improve my green foot.

  14. These are fantastic ideas. I really love to shop consignment and second hand thrift stores. It's a great way to find something unique for an amazing price while being more eco-friendly.

  15. Those are awesome ways to be more eco-friendly. We've been trying to lessen the waste that we have around the house. We've also been switching to more eco-friendly products.

  16. Shared your post because these are basic steps everyone should start incorporating in their lives. Babushka's guily of forgetting her bags for shopping, but is trying. At least the plastic bags in our casa are recycled and reused. BB2U


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