Epic Thrifting Haul (17 items for $17) #thriftinghaul

by - 10/06/2016 02:48:00 PM

I haven't been thrifting in months and if you know me. I would have my weekly
thrifting dates at my local thrift store. Of course over time now I have a huge amount of clothing so I had to step back a little from the
game. Trust me, my local store has an epic dollar sale during the summer months and I had to say no to that too. I mean, I've found high-end items for a $1. You can't beat the price.

If you watched my last
video where I gave my favorite thrifting tips. I mentioned how I sign up for my favorite store(s) newsletter. Yes, I'm one of those people that actually check their emails. (Yes, I follow my own advice that I give to my readers by subscribing to the newsletters.) I've noticed that thrift stores will typically let you know the same day or a day before about the sale...

For the most part with this particular store if I go early I'll usually find some great pieces. This time around my wardrobe was lacking cute jeans. Hence, the reason I have so many pairs in this video.
I was super proud of myself because I didn't create a budget for this shopping trip. However, I managed to stay on task and spent under $20 with taxes included. Now you can check out all of my fab finds by watching the video below.

Thrifting Tips Video 

Are you a thrifter? What's your favorite find?

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