My Mommy Style Monday: My $25 Thrifted Outfit

by - 10/10/2016 12:00:00 AM

Welcome to another My Mommy Style Monday. This past week the weather has been really nice. It's been really cold in the mornings, and mid-day in the 70s and back a little colder in the evenings. I purchased the top and jeans from my local consignment store for $1.00 each. I actually did a haul on all of the 17 items I found for a dollar each. The Mister was nice enough to take me to a different spot to take the pictures of me. Which I am really thankful for. This entire outfit came to a whopping (under) $25. Yes, you heard me right.

Attire Breakdown
  • Hat: $10 (I purchase this hat last season on clearance. I believe it was well under $10)
  • Top: $1
  • Cami: $1
  • Jeans: $1

  • Shoes: $9.98 (I purchased the shoes during the summer time 70% off. I believe they were $9.98)
Grand total: $22.98

Hopefully, this post will inspire moms that you can still look trendy without breaking the bank. All it takes is a little patience.

Attire Breakdown: 
Cami: J. Jill (similar)  | Hat: Target | Top: American Eagle | Jeans: Gap: | Shoes: Target

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  1. This outfit is really pretty! I love the hat!

  2. I really really really adore your jeans the fitting is just fab!

  3. This outfit is so cool. I love it. I love going to the used store for clothing, you can find such great items for such a cheap price. Plus it's awesome that instead of these going to a landfill it is now being re homed. Great find!

  4. I really like the back of the shirt. I like that its nice and doesn't make you look like one of those moms whose trying too hard.

  5. That's a great bargain! I really like the Gap Jeans. This is so awesome.

  6. I love your style! This outfit rocks! The top is my favorite

  7. That's amazing! And that's also a lot of items. I can't believe you got all of those for just $22! I love how you styled the whole outfit.

  8. Super cute outfit and you can't beat the price! I especially love the hat, which is timeless.

  9. There's nothing like finding amazing stuff for a fraction of a price in malls! These are awesome picks! Love that it didn't cost you much!

  10. Lovely shoes! I really like this combination you have going on. The hat really ties everything.

  11. Wow I cannot believe your tops and jeans were $1. You really now how to bargain shop! :)

  12. What a cute outfit I really love the style especially the top.

  13. You are looking pretty fabulous for $25!! I can't decide if I love the shoes or the shirt more!! Such great feminine details! -Erin at

  14. Such a beautiful outfit and black is always the best as it combines well with any other color. This is a great deal for such a small price & I wish I could grab something like that!


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