My Top 6 Vegan Recipes of 2017

by - 1/02/2018 10:30:00 AM

Last week I did a blog post on the Top 10 Recipes on Simply for 2017. I thought it would be great to mention my Top 6 Vegan recipes of 2017 as well. For those who have been following my blog for a while. I embarked on a weight loss journey back at the end of March of 2017. I honestly didn't know what would come from the journey. I'm so used to starting a diet, reaching the goal and going back to my old habits and gaining all of the weight back.
However, this time around was really different. I learned my body and found recipes that I truly love. I started to incorporate the recipes into the content of my blog not really knowing how my readers would react to it and I'm so Thankful for all of the love. As many of you know, I meal prep for my family as well as myself and it's so nice to find recipes that I absolutely love and that my family loves too. I still haven't shared my famous vegan burger. Hopefully, I'll start measuring the ingredients and share that recipe with you guys soon. It's so yummy and my meat eaters actually prefer having it over a regular burger.

Anywho, how is your week going so far? 

Top 6 Vegan Recipes of 2017 

Blender Pumpkin Pancakes

Cinnamon Apple Muffins

Vegan Crepe

Chocolate Breakfast Cake

French Toast 

Vegan Blender Pancakes 

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  1. I am so bad at eating healthily and sticking to a strict diet, but I have promised myself that 2018 will be my year of change and so far I have only eaten healthy meals (so off to a good start), your recipes look amazing and I cannot wait to try some of them out. Have you found that the ingredients are quite affordable to buy?? As I am a student and can't spend loads of money on food x

  2. Loving these yummy vegan recipes! I'm going to try to make the vegan french toast recipe. I'm a big fan of french toast but often don't make it since it tends to be very high calorie. Excited to try this recipe out.

  3. Happy to find vegan recipes together. French toasts are my family's preferred weekend breakfast. Will try pumpkin pancakes soon.

  4. Tasheena, you know this one was for me :) Vegan deliciousness by Tasheena, yes please! You absolutely need to share the vegan burger recipe, I'm so looking forward to that!

  5. I am not sure if i could be just a vegan but gonna try this recipe :)

  6. These are delightful and (naturally) so are you!! All of these look o so yummy! I’ll need to save for later. My kids are sure in for a treat! ☺️ Thank You ❤️

  7. I love Vegan recipes so much! My kids would love to try the Vegan blender pancakes! It's really easy to make and we can put more fruits in our pancakes.

  8. All your vegan recipes look divine! I have a sweet tooth and never miss any opportunity to try the mouth-watering delicacies! Bookmarked your post for my reference!


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